A Lumberjanes Gotham Academy Preview At The End Of Goldie Vance #1 Tomorrow

The internet nearly exploded when the Lumberjanes Gotham Academy crossover event was announced, and I'm sure it will explode again tomorrow because we get to see some of it! BOOM! Box's Goldie Vance #1 is hitting shelves, and you'll find a preview of Lumberjanes Gotham Academy in the back.

This is one of these comics that you just know is going to be a joy to read. Lumberjanes has the same set of memorable qualities that Gotham Academy has. They're a match made in comic book heaven. I was lucky enough to see the preview early, and it hooked me from a short five pages. You get a taste of what is going on in each world, and an enticing plot that's going to have you lining up outside your local comic book store in June!

In thinking about Gotham Academy, we also received some happy news from Karl Kerschl. 

First of all, I've met this entire creative team, and they're awesome. Secondly, Karl Kerschl is insanely talented. This is nothing but good news for the future of the book.

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