Ahoy Comics to Publish Noah Zark, Bright Boy and True Identity Series in 2020

Last month, Ahoy Comics published  Steel Cage One-Shot by Mark Waid and Lanna Souvanny, Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson, Stuart Moore and Peter Gross.

Three dazzling short "pilot" stories from AHOY's finest – and YOU get to vote on which series continues! In "Noah Zark" by Mark Waid and Lanna Souvanny, an alien boy is kidnapped into an interplanetary zoo—and becomes the protector of the animals. In "True Identity" by Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson, we learn what secret anguish drives the most beloved superhero on Earth! And Stuart Moore and Peter Gross's "Bright Boy" tells the grim tale of the world's smartest human—and the havoc he leaves in his wake.

Three comic books to vote on for series. But was this ever actually the plan.#

In a press release from Ahoy EIC Tom Peyer, he states that 'I must now inform you, with deep regret, that evidence exists of serious voting irregularities. The total number of ballots cast bears no discernible relation to Steel Cage's circulation figures. One feature, which trailed significantly over the first week, gained a huge majority in one day, perhaps in minutes–an insurmountable lead it maintained to the end. Our technicians inform me that this could have been the work of a few quick keystrokes, perpetrated by almost anyone–from the despicable agent of a rogue government to a lonely, misguided teenager. Make no mistake. No one at AHOY is accusing any Steel Cage creators of wrongdoing. Every one of our writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, and production staff comported themselves honorably and with dignity throughout this process. We respectfully salute one and all. Nevertheless, due to the alarming evidence of tampering–I do not, I will not, I cannot certify this election.  Instead, in fairness to the creators and to the readers who voted for them, all three candidates will be awarded their own series. Beginning next year, watch for the announcements of Noah Zark #1, Bright Boy #1, and True Identity #1, worthy comics all.'

So you get a series, you get a series and you get a series. Which may have been the plan all along. Tom Peyer (and Mark Waid for that matter) used to work cheek by jowl with Mark Millar, and this would be just his kind of stunt too…

Ahoy Comics to Publish Niah Zark, Bright Boy and True Identity Series in 2020

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