Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 24th May 2015 – Secret Wars Women Beat The Secret Wars Men


This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

While Star Wars, again, takes top spot, it's A-Force that tops all the Secret Wars spinoffs. After all, it's where the women are at. The Secret Wars spinoffs also push all the Convergence spinoffs off the top ten as well, beaten by Wytches.

  • 1. Star Wars #5
  • 2. A-Force #1
  • 3. Secret Wars: Battleworld #1
  • 4. Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1
  • 5. Convergence #7
  • 6. Ultimate End #1
  • 7. Planet Hulk #1
  • 8. Spider-Verse #1
  • 9. Uncanny X-Men #34
  • 10. Wytches #6

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Who had this to say

What a week. I almost feel bad for DC at this point. Almost.
Convergence #7 was their only charting book for us this week.
Star Wars still reigns over all but Secret Wars books make up half our top ten. A-Force was our #2 book of the week, outselling Convergence.

Well, I guess it wasn't any surprise this week that Marvel takes the first 4 spots and 7 spots overall.  Image get #7 with Wytches and Lady Mechanika takes the 5th spot,  Convergence takes the 10th spot beating out Spider Verse (which we were short shipped).  With one week left of Dc's Convergence series we are hoping for a big swing back in sales.  Trades continue to sell with Batman Killing Joke and Death of Captain Marvel taking the show on the floor.  Mad Max sells out in ten minutes as we see Comic Book Movie Fan really hitting the store more.

Much better response to Secret Wars than I feared. Solid numbers across the board. Due to lack of any interest for Master of Kung Fu and Battleworlds, I ordered low and was out buy 1:00 Weds. Did not see that coming. Convergence is definitely slowing towards the end, but I am getting lots if good feedback from the previews in the back. Interest being expressed in some books people said they had no/little interest in (Dr Fate, Bat Mite, Prez). That's a good sign.

Stars Wars back-issues flying out of here, but not the Marvel. It's all Dark Horse on the back-issue front.

Amazing Sales week. 4 books hitting triple digits and with two right on their heals. Not sure if anything will be able to beat Star Wars any time soon. Past issues still flying off the store with people buying one of everything.

Lots of excitement about the Bendis-Bagley team reuniting for the Ultimate Universe send-off. DC's in for a very unpleasant summer, if this week is any indication…

Marvel's first wave of spin offs for Secret Wars did very well for us. DC managed to make it in the top ten with Convergence 7 and Convergence Justice League of America 2. Very strong new comics sales. Star Wars keeps gaining readers. Please Marvel do not re number this title. You don't need to.

Suicide Squad. Current series. Previous series. First series. People want Suicide Squad comics.

Silver Age interest remains high, particularly for DC titles from the time when they had a real identity. Lots of interest in TMNT back issues as well.

More than 50% are from Secret Wars. A very good sign.

Secret Wars absolutely dominated this week. The only one that didn't make the top ten was Masters of Kung Fu. They've outsold the Convergence tie-ins by a huge margin. Secret Wars outsold even Star Wars in our shop!

Marvel dominated, as expected, especially considering it's a band-aid month for DC, but the EVENT books did even better than I expected. Always hit or miss with which MARVEL event spin-off books will be considered the 'FRONTLINE' title that no one wants…

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