Brian K Vaughan And Cliff Chiang's Paper Girls Is 'Stand By Me', Meets 'War Of The Worlds'

We knew that the new Image comic Paper Girls by BKV and Cliff Chiang was, well, going to be about foru twelve year old paper girls. Just didn't realise it might also be about an alien invasion as well.

That seems to be the indication from Cliff Chiang's description of the series to CBR.

"Stand By Me" meets "War of the Worlds" in this exciting new ongoing series from the writer of "Saga" and the artist of "Wonder Woman."

Or it could be about a case of the common cold that goes way out of control.

The first issue is out on October 7th. Here's a peek.

PG-1-lettered-page-08-09-f21fePG-1-lettered-page-10-60fae PG-1-lettered-page-11-6db20 PG-1-lettered-page-12-7e7a5Have they got room for an E.T. on there?


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