Brian Keene's Terrifically First Episode of Thor: Metal Gods Comes Out on Thursday

After losing to Wolverine's Two Dicks in Bleeding Cool's prestigious year-end Clickmas Savior reader poll, the hits just keep coming for poor Terrific Production LLC as yet another competing Thor product is set for release tomorrow. Since Terrific, the publisher founded by Andrew Rev that acquired the rights to Rob Liefeld's Youngblood last year and immediately launched an aggressive social media presence that has provided a nonstop supply of clickbait article material, announced plans to publish its own Thor comic, Marvel has released two new Thor #1s, one a tie-in to the Marvel's Avengers video game, and the other a new ongoing series by artist Nic Klein and writer Donny Cates. Making matters worse for Terrific, Cates, the former Bleeding Cool reporter and thirteenth most powerful person in the industry now known by his self-avowed nickname The Bad Boy of Comics, has been a frequent social media opponent of Terrific after Terrific attempted to poach Venom artist Ryan Stegman. Furthermore, Cates' loyal followers, a fan club calling themselves The Catesbronies, may have interfered in the Clickmas Savior poll by voting down Rev after he boasted about his early lead over Cates on Twitter.

So can it really be a coincidence that another frequent online opponent of Terrific Production LLC will have his own first Thor issue available this week, making three weeks in a row with new Thor products ahead of the release of Terrific's own? Market research has shown that readers have exactly enough demand to support three and just three Thor products. Where does that leave Terrific? And this third Thor product is written by another of Terrific's most vocal opponents.

In what can only be viewed as a carefully-planned coup, Brian Keene, award-winning horror novelist, celebrity podcast host, and man who prevented Terrific Production LLC from donating the profits it will make from that Youngblood comic they are definitely going to release some day to charity, announced on Twitter that his first episode of Thor: Metal Gods, the serialized story published in text and audio by Serial Box, will debut on Thursday.

What exactly is Keene's game? Did Keene somehow know, back in February 2019, six months prior to Terrific Production LLC bursting onto the scene, that Rev would acquire the rights to Youngblood, launch a new publisher, and announce a Thor comic? And if he did know that, did Keene then sign on to the writer's room for Thor: Metal Gods with the sole intention of spending the next year working on this project just to provide more competition for the man who would eventually become his mortal enemy? And if all of that is true, what else does Keene know? Was Terrific planning to announce an Elf with a Gun comic as well? Are any plans to do so now ruined as well?!

The only logical answer to any of this is: yes. Well, probably. Maybe. We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that there is only one logical course of action for Andrew Rev and Terrific Production LLC, one that will achieve sweet revenge against Keene for everything he's done. Of course, you all know what we're talking about. Andrew Rev needs to buy the rights to Rom: Spaceknight.

Just look at how badly Keene wishes he could include Rom in his Thor story:

We're not saying that Terrific Production LLC is, or should be, driven solely by revenge. But sometimes, one just has to take a stand against bullies, and what better way to smite one's enemies than to spend potentially millions of dollars to acquire the Rom: Spaceknight license from Hasbro? This is a foolproof plan, one that can provide intellectual property not only to Terrific's comic book division, but also to its fashion line, feature film opportunities, and deep-sea diving equipment business. And after Keene is put in his place, perhaps Rev can purchase the world's entire supply of men's hair peroxide to really stick it to Donny Cates as well.

We'll be watching closely to see how Terrific responds. In the meantime, Thor: Metal Gods episode 5 will be available tomorrow, and you can catch up on what you've missed here. Thor: Metal Gods, which stars the titular thunder god and his brother Loki on "a cosmic odyssey to stop the return of an ancient evil," is created by a writers room led by Alex de Campi which includes Keene, Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Jay Edidin, and Yoon Ha Lee. The audio version is narrated by Daniel Gillies, and you can gain access to the entire season of both versions for $9.99. You can read or listen to the first episode for free.

Brian Keene's Terrifically First Episode of Thor: Metal Gods Comes Out on Thursday


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