Castor Gallery Tells Hole Gallery Curator To Mind Her Own Business Over Jeanette Hayes

Earlier this year, The Hole gallery exhibited the work of one Jeanette Hayes as part of their Post Analog exhibitions. One sold piece used the artwork of a DeviantART creator, without being credited, permission sought or payment given. This is a pattern of Jeanette's career or late, and when writing an article yesterday, I asked the curator of that exhibition for her thoughts.

Castor Gallery Tells Hole Gallery Curator To Mind Her Own Business Over Jeanette Hayes

She writes to Bleeding Cool — and it seems we are one of many voices on this issue.

I've tried to respond to all the complaints about Jeanette I've received honestly and thoughtfully these past couple days

We had four Jeanette Hayes paintings in a group show April 7-May 14. Many months later, now, I'm being told those paintings copied another artist she saw on the internet. I don't know whether people really want to hear MY perspective on what is and isn't ok when it comes to using other people's art when making your art. As a curator I of course have opinions about this, and in 15 years have been on both sides of copyright complaints, but I think that the artist and her gallery, Castor Gallery, should be the ones to issue a statement. I don't represent Jeanette, you can see the artists I do represent on my website if you click on "artists", so it's not appropriate for me to respond on her behalf

I showed those paintings in good faith, six months ago, I stand behind including them in my show, which was about digital media's impact on painting read my full statement here

That being said, I contacted Jeanette a few days ago after this was brought to my attention and suggested she credit her sources if she is going to closely quote another artist. I also contacted her gallerist Justin Dedemko of Castor Gallery and suggested he issue a response to the complaints or have Jeanette do an interview somewhere where she could explain herself. But he essentially told me to mind my own business and that their policy is to block everyone who complains.


He told me she has a solo show coming up at Castor Gallery so they will be putting out a press release soon I think!

I also tried contacting Justin deDemko without response. A google for his name does bring this up from 2011, however… New York, Brooklyn — could they be related?

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