Lots of DC, Ludocrats, & Red Sonja? The Back Order List 5/20/2020

The Back Order List 5/20/2020: Lots of DC, Ludocrats, and Red Sonja

Every week, starting again this last week, your Local Comic Book shop, hopefully, got in a weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell out fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and […]

Wynd #1 is Officially Boom’s Biggest Creator-Owned Comic Launch Ever

Wynd #1 is Officially Boom's Biggest Creator-Owned Comic Launch Ever

Last year, Boom Studios set a record for their largest creator-owned launch ever in July with Dr. Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora's Once & Future #1, which had orders of over 31,000 copies without any variants, only to have that record shattered soon after by James Tynion IV & Werther Dell'Edera's Something is Killing The […]

Speculator Fools, Wynd #1 Already Selling For $179?

Peach Momoko Wynd #1 Variant Selling For $179 Before FOC

Oh come on this is ridiculous. Look, Bleeding Cool is happy to report on the changing market for comics, including collectible comics and comics hyped up for speculative reasons. Often they are based on the actual quality of the comic, which we have generally seen as an actually welcome thing. Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Scout, […]

Boom Studuos August 2020 Solicitations

Power Rangers, Lumberjanes, Mega Man in Boom August 2020 Solicits

Boom Studios lead with the new Seven Secrets series, as seen on the cover of the upcoming Diamond Previews. But there is more to come, a tonne of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, a Lumberjanes encyclopaedia, an Avant-Guards OGN and an Edmonia Lewis OGN as well. As well as Steven Universe, Buffy, Angel, Firefly and […]

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover

The May/June edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly Previews catalogue arrives in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, May 27th after a brief hiatus and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale from the beginning of August 2020. It begins, oddly, with X Of Swords. The […]

What’s The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?

What's The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?

Boom Studios is celebrating a major milestone on June 24 with the 50th issue of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series – and they've been promising it will be big, at least based on their solicitations: The MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS & the OMEGA RANGERS – along with surprise new allies – versus The Anointed […]

The cover for WYND #1 published by Boom! Studios.

BOOM! Studios to Release WYND June 17 to Local Comic Shops

BOOM! Studios gave fans a first look at the main cover art for issues #2, #3, and #4 of WYND, with art by Michael Dialynas. This brand new highly anticipated series from the minds of James Tynion IV (Something is Killing the Children, Batman), Dialynas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and letterer Aditya Bidikar (Isola) brings […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

SPOILER Makes Their Big First Appearance in Buffy #14

A few weeks ago we told you about a big First Appearance coming in the pages of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14 from Boom Studios. We'd been hearing this was the start of a big storyline that would draw a lot of interest from television fans, including potentially directly tying the Boom continuity to the television […]

Boom Studios New July 2020 Schedules - From Buffy to Firefly

Boom Studios New July 2020 Schedules – From Buffy to Faithless II

Boom Studios has issued its revised July schedules – you can see their May and June and former July schedules for comparison here. There have been a fair few changes since then and a few books being pushed into August and September. We can expect a full August line-up for later this week. The July […]

Art from Seven Secrets by Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo

Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo's Seven Secrets Launches in August

Superstar writer Tom Taylor's first creator-owned series, Seven Secrets, with artist Daniele Di Nicuolo, is set for launch in August from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios. Sexy Dora the Explorer advocacy website The Hollywood Reporter shared the "EX-X-XCLUSIVE" news, here defined as a press release given to the site as part of an access journalism agreement. […]

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James Tynion IV To Release Wynd Early

Last week, Bleeding Cool told you that Boom Studios was to launch a surprise #1 for June 17th. Three days ago we picked up on the suggestion that it would be James Tynion IV doing the deed. Today that all went official. Rather than being a graphic novel schedule dfor November 2020, James Tynion IV […]

BOOM! Announces Wynd, a YA Graphic Novel Trilogy by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas

Is James Tynion IV the Writer Behind Boom's Secret #1 in June?

Let's join up some dots. From James Tynion IV's newsletter yesterday… On Monday, I got a message that the Publisher of one of the companies I work for wanted to have a conversation. I got on the phone with him later that day. On the call, he told me that he had a crazy idea. […]

Will Any Comic Shops Refuse To Sell Faithless II #1?

Will Any Comic Shops Refuse To Sell Faithless II #1?

You might've heard, but Boom Studios' #1s are the hottest creator-owned comics with fans and speculators – with Bone Parish #1 selling for $120, Black Badge #1 selling for over $125, The Red Mother #1 selling for $175 and Once & Future #1 reaching the rarefied air of $200 for a raw copy. That's not […]

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What is The Secret New Boom Studios #1 Launch For June 17th?

Though official news probably wasn't scheduled till next week, I'm hearing that Boom Studios is planning to announce a new secret addition to its "Must Read" slate of books this year. This new mystery project, a first for a creator-owned series from Boom. will go on-sale Wednesday, June 17 and FOC on Monday, May 25th […]

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Now Disney+ Speculators Paying $40 for R.L. Stine's Just Beyond

It seems like every week we're seeing a new Boom Studios #1 explode with collectors & speculators. It could be graded copies of Bone Parish #1 selling for $120 , Black Badge #1 quickly rising to $125, The Red Mother #1 raising the bar to $175 or Once & Future #1 conquering them all at […]


Tom Taylor Asks, What Are The #SevenSecrets With Daniele Di Nicuolo?

Earlier this year, Boom Studios announced #SevenSecrets. the first creator-owned comic from DCeased writer Tom Taylor along with Power Rangers artist Daniele Di Nicuolo as one of the company's elite "Must Read" series. The company took it a step further, comparing it to Dr. Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora's Once & Future #1 – you […]

The official logo for the 2020 adaptation of Dune.

BOOM! Studios to Publish 12-Issue Dune Prequel House Atreides

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has acquired the rights to produce a comic book series based on the Dune prequel novel based on the notes and co-written by the son of Dune creator Frank Herbert, a press release revealed Monday. The first issue will hit stores in the Fall, by which time the actual real world […]

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Netflix Speculators Pay $200 for Once & Future #1

Last year, Boom Studios started their breakout year with Faithless #1 doubling its orders at FOC and becoming one of the biggest creator-owned launches of the year. But months later, Doctor Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora's Once & Future #1 debuted, setting a company record for it's biggest creator-owned launch and joining its prestigious 50K […]


The Red Mother #1, Selling for $175 To Netflix Speculators

Earlier this week it was Black Badge #1 selling for up to $125. A few days earlier, we saw Bone Parish #1 seeing its main cover going for $120. The week before that, it was Something is Killing The Children #1 with raw copies of the main cover selling for over $30. All three Boom […]

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Boom Studios' Latest May, June and July 2020 Schedules

The comic book industry is beginning to edge towards and attempt at returning to some vestige of normality. These are the planned titles that Boom Studios have for May, June and July 2020, unearthed by Bleeding Cool so far. We'll be trying to run as many other publishers' plans today, and during the week. There […]