Lots of DC, Ludocrats, & Red Sonja? The Back Order List 5/20/2020

The Back Order List 5/20/2020: Lots of DC, Ludocrats, and Red Sonja

Every week, starting again this last week, your Local Comic Book shop, hopefully, got in a weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell out fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and […]

Ludocrats #1 Review -- "The Craziest Damned Thing To Happen This Year"

Ludocrats #1 Review: The Craziest Damned Thing To Happen This Year

In a year that has brought us murder hornets, killed a rock legend and a heroic retired wrestler, seen humans ingesting bleach and sent Comic-Con online, rest assured of one thing with absolute certainty: Ludocrats #1 is the craziest damned thing to happen this year. Where to begin? Well, this is less a script from […]


From Big Girls to Cruel Summers in Image Comics August 2020 Solicits

Image Comics has plenty of solicitations for August 2020, but first, an important message. Due to COVID-19 effects on the industry, many of the release dates on forthcoming launches and collected editions are still subject to change. Retailers will be notified of any updates to Image release dates via Diamond's vendor site. Image Comics will […]

Jimmie Robinson Brings Back Bomb Queen With Donald Trump For August

Bomb Queen Comes Back to Fight Donald Trump in the Election

Bomb Queen was created in 2006 by Jimmie Robinson, and published by ShadowLine/Image Comics. Over the years she appeared in seven limited series, four single-issue specials, and a crossover in Savage Dragon, but has not had her own series since 2012. But in 2020, she's back and she appears to be bringing Donald Trump with […]

Ales Kot Returns With Luca Casalanguida and Heather Moore For Lost Soldiers

Ales Kot, Luca Casalanguida and Heather Moore Launch Lost Soldiers

Getting a Gem of The Month for August 2020 in next week's Diamond Previews is a new series by Ales Kot, Luca Casalanguida and Heather Moore, called Lost Soldiers, promised earlier this year for the Summer – and still scheduled that way despite everything. Set in 1969 Vietnam and present day Juarez, about three men tied […]

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers

X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover

The May/June edition of Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly Previews catalogue arrives in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, May 27th after a brief hiatus and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale from the beginning of August 2020. It begins, oddly, with X Of Swords. The […]

Ludocrats Begins The Big Image Comic Crossover

Ludocrats #1 Begins The Big Image Comics Crossover

Bleeding Cool ran the well-sourced rumour a few months back that Image Comics is planning the return of the shared superhero universe that kicked off the publisher back in 1992, with Spawn, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, WildCATS, Cyberforce, Shadowhawk, Wetworks and more. We noted that WildCATS is back to being part of the DC Universe, and Youngblood has been sold off to someone […]


Image Comics' Free Comic Book Day Title, Fire Power, Won't Wait

Free Comic Book Day was meant to be the first Saturday in May and would have included the Image Comics title Fire Power #1 from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Black Widow/Captain America artist Chris Samnee. That was meant to come out just after the original graphic novel, Fire Power: The Prelude at […]


Undiscovered Country Promotes Leonardo Marcello Grassi as Artist

Undiscovered Country was Image Comics' big launch last year, created by Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Giuseppe Cumancoli and Daniele Orlandini, who have been working on every issue since. But on issue 6, originally solicited for publication in April, and now scheduled for June 10th. we have an artistic switch on the solicitations, Daniele Orlandini switched […]


Here's How To Get Every Single Issue of The Walking Dead for Just $18

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment are currently offering, until May 20th, 2020, what looks like all of The Walking Dead comics on the Humble Bundle platform. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is the charity which Image and Skybound chose to support with the profits from the bundle. Ignoring the value proposition of 30 plus trades […]


Decorum by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston Now Only 8 Issues Long

Decorum, the new sci-fi comic by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston, was Image Comics biggest launch title of the year. It only saw one issue published before the shutdown but in all the publicity, it was billed as an ongoing series. CBR reported that "Writer Jonathan Hickman (House of X) and artist Mike Huddleston (Middlewest) […]


Image Comics New Schedules for May and June 2020

Image Comics is returning to comic book stores with Diamond Comic Distribution at the end of May and through into June, and we have a new release schedule for when you'll expect to see what comics and when. As the third-largest publisher in the direct market of comic book stores, it's also notable for a […]

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How to Get Declan Shalvey and Gavin Fullerton's Bog Bodies, Early

Bog Bodies was a new graphic novel written by Declan Shalvey and drawn by Gavin Fullerton, published by Image Comics, and currently caught in the distribution kerfuffle that is known as the global coronavirus pandemic. It is currently intended to ship to comic book stores from Image for May 20th – in the US and […]


Spider-Woman Most Ordered Comic in Diamond March 2020 Marketshare

We were wondering where the Diamond Comic Distributors March 2020 marketshare statistics might have got to. Well, it has been a peculiar month. Rather than the usual Friday/Monday release, we are getting the marketshare and top tens today followed by the full stats tomorrow. So here we go, Spider-Woman and all. As it stands comic […]


Donny Cates Shows Off 'Pray The Capes Away' with Geoff Shaw at Image

We can often learn things from comic book writer Donny Cates on Twitter. Such as his love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer over its rival Supernatural – for which he couldn't get past the pilot. However yesterday we get a big new glimpse at his new series with regular collaborator Geoff Shaw and colourist Dee […]


Pinky Ring Returns to Ice Cream Man Digital Mini-Comics

In an effort to help brick-and-mortar comic shops during the current global crisis, the creative team behind Ice Cream Man will be posting all-new digital Ice Cream Man four-page mini-comics once a week on their Quarantine Comix page. Sold as PDFs, for $1.99 a popsicle, half of profits go to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation […]

spawn 307

Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina and Johnny Desjardins on Spawn

Spawn #307 by Todd McFarlane and Philip Tan was originally planned for publication this past week but is currently caught up in the current global situation, and delayed indefinitely. This is the planned variant Francesco Mattina cover to the issue. Mattina has, in recent years, gained the reputation of showing his influences rather heavily on […]


All the Digital Comics Released This Week From Traditional Publishers

All major comic book publishers have pulled digital comics versions of new titles out this week, as they are still unable to publish them in print. There are exceptions for Archie's general market titles, collections already sold into the book market, and original graphic novels such as DC's Alt-Hero out today. Smaller publishers are less […]

pacific comics

Eric Stephenson Trademarks Pacific Comics For Publishing

Pacific Comics (PC) was a comic store chain, a comic book publisher, and a comic book distributor that began in the early seventies. Fifty years later, it appears that may be back. A trademark had been registered for "PACIFIC COMICS PC" by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson, for the purposes of publishing comics. A little […]

How Todd McFarlane Would Save Comics and Deal With Diamond

To accompany the news that Image Comics co-founder and CFO Todd McFarlane is launching a Kickstarter to fund new toys and comics – or new versions of old toys and comics – he has been conducting a number of interviews. That included with Forbes, who also asked him about the current state of the comics […]