Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics was started by pulp publisher Martin Goodman in 1939 with the anthology comic book title Marvel Comics (which was changed to Marvel Mystery Comics with issue #2). During the golden age of comics, the publisher developed a popular core of characters including Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Submariner, Miss America, Golden Girl, Red Skull, and many others by creators such as Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Bill Everett, Stan Lee, and others.

Goodman used a number of corporate brands for Marvel throughout his tenure, including Timely Publications, Atlas Comics.

During the years following World War II, like many comic book publishers, the company transitioned to horror, crime, romance, and western titles among others. Marvel titles from this era include Journey into Mystery, Marvel Tales, Strange Tales, Venus, and countless others.

But the 1961 debut of The Fantastic Four signalled the start of the Marvel Universe we're familiar with today. Characters and teams such as Hulk, Ant Man, Wasp, Avengers, X-Men and more by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita, and others became the foundational characters which Marvel has expanded upon since that time.

In 1968, a company called Perfect Film and Chemical Corporation acquired Marvel from founder Martin Goodman. Marvel was acquired by film and media company New World Entertainment in 1986. New World sold the publisher to Ronald Perelman in 1989, who took the company public.

After riding high on a booming comics market and trading cards and other merchandise through the next few years, but its fortunes quickly turned with a slumping industry and other factors, and Marvel filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 1996.

Toy Biz, headed by Avi Arad and Isaac Perlmutter, acquired Marvel the next year, ending the bankruptcy. In 2004, Marvel Studios' acquired funding from Merrill Lynch to self-finance its own films, and with the 2008 debut of Iron Man, the company's rise to prominence in both the American and global film industry began.  The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment on December 31, 2009, for $4 Billion.

Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom Talk Ultraman Revival at Marvel

Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom Talk Ultraman Revival at Marvel

Ultraman, one of the most iconic live-action superhero productions from Japan, comes to Marvel Comics this September with the exact writer you'd expect. Kyle Higgins, who has enjoyed a long run as the chief architect of BOOM! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, brings his talent for Tokusatsu comics to Marvel with this new series celebrating […]

Scream: Curse Of Carnage

Scream: Curse Of Carnage Cancelled, These Pages Will Not See Print

Garry Brown is the artist on Scream: Curse Of Carnage, the spinoff book from the Absolute Carnage. But not any more. The book was made digital-only, then brought back into print, but only for one of the issues that had been solicited – and already printed. As with all the digital-then-print comics, they are coming […]


Yes, Marvel Are Bringing Back Werewolf By Night, Confirmed

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool read the tea leaves (or poster schedules) and worked out that Marvel Comics may well be rescheduling the revival of Werewolf By Night planned for April, and scuppered by the global pandemic. The series was meant to be written by Black-Eyed Peas' Taboo and Ben Jackendoff with art by Scot Eaton, and was intended to introduce an […]

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman Launch The King In Black in December

Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman Launch The King In Black in December

And so it begins. We know a big Knull-related event is coming from Donny Cates in the Marvel Universe, a sequel to last year's Absolute Carnage, with Ryan Stegman. And this looks like the next step towards it. The King In Black #1 by Cates and Stegman for December, and everyone wants in. . Knull […]

Is This a Sign That Werewolf By Night Will Be Published by Marvel?

Does Werewolf By Night Poster Suggest New Warriors in October?

Okay, so there is a lot of speculation and supposition here. Be warned. The comic book Werewolf By Night was planned to be revamped in April from Marvel Comics. Then you-know-what happened and the comic disappeared from the schedules along with many others. It has joined the Marvel MIA chart (here is the latest iteration) […]

Strange Academy #2 and Mercy #2 Get Second Printings

Willow #1, Strange Academy #2 and Mercy #3 Get Second Printings

Strange Academy #2 was finally published on Wednesday by Marvel Comics – after being printed back in March. that didn't stop it selling out fast at the distributor level. And now we see Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos' second issue go back to a second printing from Marvel, to be published on the 12th of […]

Missing In Action

Empyre: Invasion of Wakanda Confirmed as Cancelled

Bleeding Cool has been running a big long Missing In Action list, looking at Marvel titles that were delayed due to the coronavirus, some going digital-only and some disappeared. Advertisements running in comic books published this week by Marvel, but printed before the shutdown have bought many back to mind. And while Marvel Comics has […]

Black Panther Bedroom Collection Coming to Dorky Rooms Everywhere

Long have comic book readers and creators alike been assumed to live in basements. Long have they been accused of being within earshot of their's mother's call, the distant din of "Dinner is ready" echoing through their walls plastered with superhero posters, or even Zenescope pin-ups if they have a bolt on their door. Long […]

Jonathan Hickman Goes Giant-Sized

Jonathan Hickman Goes Giant-Sized with Fantomex #1

Writer Jonathan Hickman, best known for grids and graphs, has taken the superhero comics world by storm with his X-Men run. The writer/must-have-some-expertise-in-math man took over the full line of Marvel's mutants with House of X and Powers of X, which garnered the attention of the hellish landscape known as Comic Book Twitter, finally making the X-Men a […]

Marvel and Scholastic Launch Young Readers Original Graphic Novels

Marvel and Scholastic Launch Young Readers Original Graphic Novels

Well, this may be the biggest comic book news of the week. Month. Year. We reported last year the gossip that Marvel Comics had been talking to Scholastic, the biggest publisher of graphic novels in the USA with big plans to come – well this is the result. The new multi-year line of middle-grade original […]

Auto Draft

You'll Never Believe What Happened Between These Two Thor #4 Panels

Marvel Comics has given retailers a challenge for their customers, regarding Thor #4, the issue that saw the god of Thunder get to work as the Herald of Galactus and ahead of meeting The Black Winter. The first scene saw Thor take Galactus' power to become the Herald of Galactus in his full cosmic totality. […]

Snag A CGC Copy Of Black Knight #1 Before Eternals Hype At Heritage

Snag A CGC Copy Of Black Knight #1 Before Eternals Hype At Heritage

Black Knight is appearing in Marvel Studios Eternals film, and you all know what that means. Key books starring the characters from the film are about to jump in price. Black Knight is being played by Kit Harington, he of Game of Thrones fame, sure to add to the fever on the character's keys. One […]

Aero and Swordmaster No Lomger Marvel Missing In Action

Sword Master and Aero No Longer Marvel Missing In Action

Last night, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop that Aero and Sword Master were returning to print from Marvel Comics from August alongside the news that a number of Marvel titles that had been digital-only were returning to print. We now have more information about which issues of Aero and Sword Master will be coming out […]

Absolute Fourth World By Jack Kirby Volume 1 Cover

The Back Order List 7/1/20: Fourth World, Berserk & Monster Planet

Every week your Local Comic Book Shop, hopefully, gets in a weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell out fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and let Diamond know they need more.  Or […]

DC Comics List Of Returnable Comics Through Diamond

DC Comics List Of Returnable Comics Through Diamond

Before leaving Diamond Comic Distributors, DC Comics announced that upcoming affected comics and collections would be made returnable through Diamond. They have added to the initial list a number of titles that would have been returned during the quarantine and have removed the qualifiers from the additional returns. There are three groups of returns, and […]

Fantsic Four Empyre #0

First Baby Yoda in a Marvel Comic – Empyre #0: Fantastic Four

Marvel Comics may be owned by Disney and publish the Star Wars comic books. But in the almost-year since he debuted, there has been no appearance of The Child from The Mandalorian TV series in the comic books. Today, however, in Fantastic Four Empyre #0, we at least know that Franklin Richards has seen the […]

Marvel Brings The N-Word Back Into Print

Marvel Comics Bringing The N-Word Back Into Print (Update)

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool posted a small article about the Joker's use of the old children's counting rhyme 'eeny meeny miny moe' in light of objections to the use of this rhyme being upheld in court and for some brands to remove examples from sale, due to its association with the N-word by many. Certainly, it […]

Wolverine and Jean Grey

The Ballad of Wolverine and Jean Grey in X-Force #10 (Spoilers)

Today sees the much-delayed X-Force #10 by Ben Percy, Joshua Cassara and Guru is out today and it is likely to put a cat among the pigeons. Or a wolverine. The issue sees Jean Grey discovering that the Beast has been manipulating events, killing world leaders and the rest, in order to make X-Men and […]


What Do Marvel Comics Adverts Say About Empyre And Everything Else?

Every advert in a Marvel Comics title today is from a different world. While all the DC Comics titles were published by LSC in Missouri, Marvel Comics are still going through the comics that were published pre-shutdown, in March. As a result, they all have adverts for a different world – for what was coming […]

Marvel Puts 19 Digital-Only Comics Into Print After All

Marvel Puts 19 Missing or Digital-Only Comics Into Print After All

Bleeding Cool previously posted plans by Marvel Comics to post final issues of comic book series or mini-series as digital-only titles, only possibly printing them as part of an eventual collection. These included Ant-Man, Avengers Of The Wastelands, Ghost-Spider, Ruins Of Ravencroft, 2020 Ironheart, 2020 Force Works, The Black Cat Strikes, Hawkeye Freefall, Star, Scream: […]