Crossed Returns in 2018 with Crossed +100: Mimic by Christos Gage, in Avatar March 2018 Solicits

Bleeding Cool is owned by Avatar Press and always has been. Such a clear conflict of interest. Obviously, Avatar Press is going to use Bleeding Cool to promote its own products and projects. Well, you'd have thought. But I actually had to read about their latest in Diamond Previews. You'd have thought they'd have actually told their own in-house reporting teanm., but no…

In March 2018, the horror survivalist series Crossed created by Garth Ennis is returning with a new series set in the future Crossed world created by Alan Moore, Crossed +100.

Crossed +100 Mimic by Christos Gage and Emiliano Urdinola will continue that story, with the disciples of Beau Salt, the serial killer who despite being infected fully retained his sanity, invading military basis to take their best and turn them to the Crossed side.

Each issue will then also see back-up stories by Pat Shand and Raulo Caceres tell the story of American History X, fleshing out some of the fictional history stories as described in passing by Alan Moore.

(W) Christos N. Gage, Patrick Shand (A) Emiliano Urdinola, Raulo Caceres (CA) Gabriel Andrade
Crossed is back with a giant-size new series! The world of Crossed +100 was created by Alan Moore and introduced us to an entire civilization and language set one hundred years after the Crossed outbreak devoured humanity. Now Christos Gage delves into that future with MIMIC, as one of Beau Salt's disciples invades a military base to pick apart the best and brightest. Each issue also has a second feature as writer Pat Shand teams up with artist Raulo Caceres to deliver a chapter of AMERICAN HISTORY X, based on the events Moore spotlighted as key points in the saga. Available with a sizzling array of covers: Regular by Gabriel Andrade, History X Wraparound and American History X by Raulo Caceres, Fatal Fantasy and Hellish Homage by Renato Camilo, and Ms Mayhem by Christian Zanier. Don't miss the three-cover Crossed Over set by Matt Martin, each limited to just 250 copies, not the Gold Leather by Zanier that is limited to just 150! Lastly, a Century (of Blood) cover limited to 100 copies by the artist who started it all, Gabriel Andrade! (STL075444)
48pgs, FC SRP: $5.99

(W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Daniel Gete
Sieglinde embarks on a treacherous gambit that may yet save Germany. While Russia must call up on their most unbalanced of Battleships to protect their flank. Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, Propaganda, and Blitzkrieg by series artist Daniel Gete, and a limited VIP Premium cover by Gabriel Andrade. (STL075478)
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

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