Dark Horse Confirm The Strain Comics

We were promised Guillermo Del Toro and instead we got a short, sorry tale of him having hurt is back and not being able to make it tonight. None the less, Dark Horse's Mike Richardson did unveil some art from the upcoming comic book adaptation of The Strain, or at least a rendition by Steve Morris of a character from the comics.

We told you about the comic about twelve hours ago. The report went something like:

Del Toro has had strong links to the company since he directed the two Dark Horse Helboy movies, but this will be his first actual comics work. The Strain will be a 24 issue series told over two years as 8 issues each of The Strain, The Fall and The Eternal by David Lapham (Caligula) and Mike Huddletson (MK Ultra). Three collections will then be published from late 2012, and the series will be published day-and-date digital.

Here's my snap of that art.

The announced publication date is December this year.