David F. Walker and Chris Samnee Say Goodbye to Marvel

With the May solicitations finally revealed, Marvel's Fresh Start, at least in the month of May, seems to taste a bit less fresh than it feels like microwaving the same leftovers for the fifth night (or eighth line-wide relaunch) in a row, served on top of some plain white bread. But there are changes in the works, and Bleeding Cool has reported on some of them. We can probably expect there to be more over the Summer, and presumably some changes for the X-books, which haven't had a major shakeup since ResurrXion.

While that will mean new books and new talent to some extent, it also means the departure of others, such as David F. Walker, who revealed that his time at Marvel was ending earlier this week, tweeting:

Last year, Walker's Luke Cage book was canceled, along with a bunch of other Marvel titles. Walker wasn't shy about the subject while tweeting his new year's resolutions in January. Now, it looks like we can expect Walker to bring his talents elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, ahead of a 4th-of-July relaunch of Captain America that Bleeding Cool has told you will be written by Ta-Nahesi Coates, current series artist Chris Samnee has announced that his contract with Marvel is up and, apparently, has not been renewed.

It sounds like Samnee already has something new in the works, and it sounds like it won't be at Marvel. Could he be following "The Great One" Brian Bendis to DC Comics? Could Walker? We're interested in your speculation, so hit us up via the contact button below.

David F. Walker and Chris Samnee Say Goodbye to Marvel

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