More DC Comics Move From 20 to 22 Pages For $3.99 With Aquaman and Justice League Joining In

Back in June, Bleeding Cool scooped the news that, at the DC Writers Summit, writers were told that DC Comics was returning to 22 pages for $3.99 rather than the 20 pages that had become standard for that price point.

No one else reported or rereported that news. Well, there hadn't been a press release or anything.

At the time we noted that Man Of Steel had been running 22-page stories at $3.99 with two additional pages per issue by Jason Fabok, but the standard was still twenty pages.

Yesterday we noted that DC Comics was retiring the $2.99 price point for their superhero titles, with the last New Age Of Heroes titles giving up that price at the end of December/beginning of January.

And as of tomorrow, the number of comics with 22 pages for $3.99 has jumped. Bleeding Cool has checked in with the people who know.

Justice League Dark has been running at that price point since publication and tomorrow's #4 is the same, is 22 pages for $3.99. Teen Titans has also been running at 22 pages for $3.99 and that continues as well with #23.

But Aquaman #40 was 20 pages. And tomorrow's Aquaman #41 is 22 pages

And Justice League #8 and #9 were 20 pages. But Justice League #10 is 22 pages

It's not universal, not yet. Nightwing #51, Batman #57, Harley Quinn #52 are all 20 pages for $3.99, I am told.

But odds are they will be switching too…

Count your comics pages tomorrow and let me know what else you discover.

More DC Comics Move From 20 to 22 Pages For $3.99 With Aquaman and Justice League Joining In



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