DC Comics Has Dark Matter, Cougar And Cub Have Faecal Matter…


Cougar And Cub was launched at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, which also saw the premiere of the animated version of The Killing Joke. Suddenly superheroes sleeping with their sidekicks was all the rage. Nick Marino, Rosie Knight (she of the Nick Spencer Captain America fashion line) and Daniel Arruda Massa suddenly seemed very opportune.

It only saw one issue published in print from Action Lab, the rest came out digitally, – the fourth issue out on Wednesday on comiXology and Amazon, and in July they're all out in a print collection.

And that fourth issue features a pretty over-the-top poo fight scene. Apparently, one of Nick Marino's prouder moments as a storyteller.





I'd say someone should wash his mouth out – but what with?

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