Delhi Police To Create "Supercop" Comics To Educate The Public – And Other Police

Delhi police in India are planning to publish a series of comic books to create awareness about issues like drunk driving, cyberbullying and stalking, using comic book characters already familiar to the Indian public, according to the Times of India.

They are currently seeking proposals and pitches, both for comics aimed at the public, for newspapers and magazines every week, but also a series aimed internally at members of its own forces.

 The comic characters will be seen interacting with a fictional cop in the story, helping him in performing his duties by reminding him about the standard operating procedures that need to be followed. Other topics like how to deal with sensitive cases will also be mentioned in the comics.

They are also considering creating their own character, a Delhi Supercop. Delhi Police's chief spokesperson Dependra Pathak said:

"The idea is still in the preliminary stage and we are talking to various publishers about it. It's a new initiative through which we want to create awareness about issues such as drunk driving, road safety and general safety guidelines that one should follow. We want to create these comics and reach out to children as well…so that the message is embedded into them,"

You know, the Indian city of Delore has already beaten them to that idea, with a genuine traffic robocop.

First up is tackling drunk driving in Delhi…

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