DoorDash Drivers Get Second Jobs as Superheroes in New Marvel Comic

Marvel's latest superhero team consists entirely of drivers in the gig economy, proving that just because you're saving the world doesn't guarantee you can make a living wage. In partnership with Doordash, Marvel has produced a new comic called The Dashers which, according to the press release, "celebrates the work and lives of those who deliver with DoorDash." The book "depicts how, through independence, ingenuity and flexibility, four Dashers are able to save the city of "Dashville" all while pursuing their life goals and passions and delivering for their communities." In other words, The Dashers are paid so poorly, they need to pick up second jobs as superheroes. And no, they probably aren't getting a tip.

"We're thrilled to work with Marvel, the authority on superheroes, to uplift the stories and experiences of Dashers," said DoorDash Head of Brand Marketing David Bornoff, though you may note Bornoff did not offer any plans to uplift the stories of Dashers with a wage increase. "The pandemic highlighted the vital role Dashers play in their communities, helping local businesses grow sales and connecting consumers with essential products. The Dashers comic book celebrates the everyday heroism of Dashers and shows how they have the freedom and flexibility to pursue their passions while dashing."

Yes, you heard that correctly. The Dashers aims to somehow spin it as a good thing that DoorDash drivers need to have a second job to get by. More from the PR:

Dashers nationwide, like the characters in the comic book, use dashing to support their passions, spend time with family, and earn on their own terms. Earlier this year, DoorDash released an Economic Impact Report which revealed that 88% of Dasher respondents had other income or responsibilities, which includes Dashers who have a full- or part-time job, are self-employed, students, stay-at-home caregivers or retired.

Yikes! Marvel is debuting The Dashers at New York Comic Con, and plans to release a motion comic version in five parts starting on October 12th. The press release claims you can read a digital version of the comic at, but the link is broken and simply directs back to the main DoorDash page, at least as of press time.

Here's the official synopsis for The Dashers:

The Dashers comic book features four super hero characters who each value dashing for a different reason: Ernesto values the ability to explore the city and having different experiences, Julia appreciates being able to earn flexibly while taking care of her family, Remi is an aspiring chef who dashes to support her passion, and Andrew is a young tech-savvy college student who dashes to help buy books and support his education. They each utilize their own Dasher super power – from the ability to be in multiple places at once, or "omnireplication," to hyper-flexibility, or "supernatural elasticity," and more – to navigate the city, dash, and ultimately, save the day.

Marvel Delivers New Superhero Team Comic "The Dashers" with DoorDash

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