Why Are The English Even More Insufferable Today?

A quick guide to Americans wondering why the English are suddenly being insufferable. I mean, more than usual.

There's this thing called the World Cup which national football (soccer) teams from across the world compete against each other, and this year it's being held in Russia. Plucky young Panama qualified this year for the first time – and have thoroughly been trounced by the English. Six-one. Still, that was Panama's first ever World Cup goal…

As a result, this match will now go down in English football history and even when we inevitably get knocked out in the quarterfinals, English people will still go on against this match as if it's somehow more important and reflective of national character than being stomped on by the Germans in weeks to come.

Anyway, for now, get used to English people for no reason shouting 'Football's coming home' even though the games are being played in Russia. Oh and expect even more of this in four years time when the World Cup let even more teams into the game.

You never know, they may even let the USA in again.

Here's how it went down for some comics-and-comics-related folk. Or not…

Probably… I'll go ask my brother. He'll know.

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