Fanboy Rampage: Jacques Hyzagi Vs Robert Crumb

Photo by Rutkowski Photography
Photo by Rutkowski Photography

Last year, New York Observer journalist Jacques Hyzagi ‏wrote an interview with Robert Crumb entitled "Robert Crumb Hates You."

"Oh, I hate men much more than women," Mr. Crumb said, "They are just horrible. It's men who do all the raping and pillaging, the mass killing. Fame also exposed me to a very seedy, sleazy side of humanity I wasn't aware of before.

Crumb took issues with plenty of it, not least of which that he doesn't hate you. and his response was posted by one of Crumb's band members on her blog.

The most urgent thing I need to do is to rectify the remark quoted in the article where I say, "We should still bomb motherf-cking banks."  Mostly I just want to say I don't really believe we should "bomb the motherf-cking banks."  Honest!  I don't!  Okay?  I was just shooting off my mouth!  Okay?  I LOVE banks!  I really do!  I keep my money in them, just like most people!  Two of them!  I do not advocate violence of any kind!  I'm a man of peace, okay?

It is possible that Jacques has only got round to reading it after a few barbs on Twitter were sent his way.

Because he kicked off, rather.

Of course, Robert Crumb isn't online, so it's not like he could read or respond.

But the red rag had been waved. And Jacques Hyzagi wrote a follow-up article to expose the real truth about that article and how it was even worse than he wrote at the time, entitled "Robert Crumb Is Dead – To Me" which he also used to attack Aline Kominsky-Crumb too.

Like every person wearing Depends, Crumb is convinced that the antiviral HIV drug AZT is the cause of AIDS. Big pharma is responsible for the virus. Some gays in San Francisco suffered from some strong pneumonia and were given AZT, which depleted their immune system and afflicted them with AIDS. I had to sit there for hours listening to this OCD lunatic explaining to me why when it came to AIDS the whole wide world got it wrong. I wanted to ask him when had the dementia sunk in but you have to be proper and appropriate.

Crumb's band member has noted the response, but has yet to add anything more from Crumb… quite a few other folk have their say to share though… including cartoonist Sean T Collins.

He's not alone…

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