GameStop to Sell Its Comics in a Spinner Rack

Bleeding Cool broke the news that GameStop was to start trialling selling comic books through the direct market earlier this month. The trial is set to occur in select GameStop and ThinkGeek stores nationwide.

But in an interview with io9, one of their executives gave an interesting twist — that the comics are to be sold in spinner racks.

Diamond Comic Distributors has been pushing the spinner rack as a way to sell comics in store, inspiring feelings of nostalgia, but also encouraging comic book stores to place spinner racks into other businesses, including toy stores and cinemas, in the vicinity, as a way to sell comics to a wider market.

If the trial is successful, America could have 6000 or more comic book spinner racks it its midst. Maybe we shiuld start calling it the 1950s again?

As a reminder, here are a few of the comic books that GameStop is initially ordering:

  • Batman
  • Black Panther
  • Cable
  • Captain America
  • Moon Knight
  • Old Man Logan
  • Rick & Morty
  • Saga
  • Spectacular Spider-Man

GameStop to Sell Its Comics in a Spinner Rack

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