Grant Morrison And Barry Sonnenfeld Talk Up And Present The Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Motion Comics Trailer

Men in Black director and sometime Coen Bros. collaborator Barry Sonnenfeld created the basic notions for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens before Morrison took these ideas and fleshed them out into comics and eventually a feature film screenplay. This apparently odd couple seem to have worked together well, and have now met up again to speak to a shaky, out-of-focus camera and woefully insufficient microphone about the project.

The comics are already on shelves, and these videos serve as promo for Yahoo's animated motion comics version. The plan is for Morrison and Sonnenfeld to go on and make a feature film of this idea now, but I can imagine that it all hinges on how well received the comics are.



And this last clip is the trailer.

While you have Morrison's ear, Mr. Sonnenfeld, I suggest you latch him into your Metal Men movie. He's absolutely got the right sensibility.