How Amnesiaquaman Got His New Tattoos in Aquaman #47 (Spoilers)

Some people go to the local tattoo parlour. Some people wait till they visit a foreign city and get them done here. But when Aquaman wants tattoos, he saves a host of people from attack and gets granted them by the demi-god Tang, who happens to be hanging out with a bunch of other deities in the island, the Unspoken Water, that the amnesiac Aquaman – Amnesiaquaman – has landed up at. From Aquaman #47, as predicted, in line with a certain movie star…

How Aquaman Got His New Tattoos

Tang is the DC universe version of Tangaroa, god of the sea in Māori mythology. Father of sea creatures, and sometumesdepicted as a whale, he is opposed to Tāne, the god of forests, and father of birds, trees and humans. So fishermen would have to give tribute to Tangaroa before catching fish.

Hence the squiddy tentacle and fishscale tattoos…

(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A/CA) Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
Namma's nefarious plan to restart all life on Earth is in full effect, and only one man stands in her way: Aquaman! Don't miss the bombastic finale to "Unspoken Water"!In Shops: Apr 17, 2019 SRP: $3.99

And here's a better look at them… from Josh Middleton. And yes, he's holding something familiar as well..

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