How is Marvel Comics' New Headquarters Connected to Donald Trump, DC Comics, and Satan?

Last week, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel Comics was packing up their New York City offices and moving… East, to a new New York City office location. Today, Newsarama reported that the new location of the Marvel offices at 1290 Sixth Avenue is inside a building co-owned by the Trump Organization, the real estate company owned by President Donald Trump and currently run by his large adult sons. It's no surprise that Marvel would make a new home in offices owned by the President, considering Marvel's deep connections with Trump, a close friend of Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter who has heavily donated to Trump's political campaigns and served as an unofficial advisor on Veteran's Health Care prompting an investigation by Congress.


But Bleeding Cool has found some more interesting connections to Marvel's new home. As Newsarama pointed out, a large percentage of 1290 Sixth Avenue is owned by Steve Roth's Vornado Realty Trust, which you may recognize from past Bleeding Cool reports about the cursed former home of DC Comics, 666 Fifth Avenue. 666 Fifth Avenue is currently owned by the President's Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, but Kushner owes so much debt on the property that he stands to lose it all to another investor, Vornado Reality Trust. Kushner's perilous situation has been alleged to affect Kushner's dealings as ambassador to the Middle East, where Kushner has allegedly desperately sought investments from wealthy Saudis to bail out the cursed office building, resulting in questionable decision-making when it comes to international policy.

666 Fifth Avenue is also notable for being obviously cursed. For one thing, the building bears the address 666, the number of the Beast (hell and fire was spawned to be released), but past Bleeding Cool reports have further detailed the building's effects on tenants, with Kushner frequently found receiving political advice from a cursed painting of Dan Didio found in the company's basement, though most agreed that the painting was considerably less creepy than the nude Steve Bannon frequently found soaking in an executive washroom tub which attempts to embrace anyone who enters the room.

How is Marvel Comics' New Headquarters Connected to Donald Trump, DC Comics, and Satan?

Things didn't work out well for DC Comics during their time their either, as Didio himself was known to have a full and luscious head of hair before working at the building, and, well, look at him now.


It's unknown whether the woes of 666 Fifth Avenue are down to its connection with the Dark Lord Satan, or whether it has something to do with the fact that the building is built on the ancestral grounds of CNN star Anderson Cooper, who may or may not have placed his own curse on its residents. Either way, Marvel's new office should certainly raise some eyebrows, not only due to its connection to Donald Trump, but also because its architecture may or may not have been designed by Cult of Gozer founder Ivo Shandor. Bleeding Cool will continue to monitor the situation, both in terms of social fallout and PKE readings, and keep you updated.

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