How Many Trees Died So No One's Rose, a New Vault Comic About Climate Change, Could Live?

Vault Comics has announced a new series launching in March, from the creative team of Zac Thompson, Emily Horn, Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, Raúl Angulo, and Tim Daniel. Called No One's Rose, the comic was revealed in an EX-X-XCLUSIVE on percussion-themed comics gossip rag The Beat, including the synopsis:

Centuries after the fall of the Anthropocene, the last vestiges of human civilization are housed in a massive domed city powered by renewable energy, known as The Green Zone. Inside lives teenager Tenn Gavrilo, a brilliant bio-engineer who could rebuild the planet. But there's one problem: her resentful brother Seren is eager to dismantle the precarious utopia.

A gorgeous and green solar-punk world filled with strange biotechnology, harsh superstorms, and divisive ideologies-ideologies that will tear Tenn and Seren down to their roots as they fight for a better Earth.

If it's not obvious enough, the comic is a statement by the creators, and Vault, on climate change. Horn elaborates:

I have had a ridiculous amount of fun building the world in No One's Rose. Sustainability is a hugely important part of how I try to live my life, so it's really exciting to work together with Zac, who has a brilliant imagination, to build a world where that's the norm. The Green Zone is a domed city that is thriving in a post climate change ravaged world. The technology in the dome is completely sustainable, so building the world has had its own challenges. For instance, how do you feed a city of 30,000 people without large stretches of agricultural land? A lot of this story is Zac and I trying to imagine how this world would actually work. In the dome there are vertical gardens climbing buildings, a giant oxygenating tree, and buildings that live amid the forested lower level of the dome as if they sprang up as part of the natural world.

And Thompson adds:

The planet's on fire. And the people with the power to change it are doing nothing.

We're living through a historic era. One of catastrophic climate change. A topic so insanely large and nebulous that many people don't know how to fight it or relate to it. The climate crisis has become such a massively distributed thing that we can only be aware of small pieces of it at a time.

The only question is: will this comic do more to combat climate change than the damage done by cutting down all those trees, the planet's lungs, to print it? Or will No One's Rose be a self-fulfilling prophecy that brings about the very dystopian world it imagines?

Thompson and Horn have an answer to that as well.

Well played, Zac and Emily. Well played.

Look for No One's Rose #1 in stores in March.

How Many Trees Died So No One's Rose, a New Vault Comic About Climate Change, Could Live?

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