Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire Revive Supergirl in August; Plus: 4 New Costumes

Supergirl, the comic book series, is returning from the dead this August with a new creative team, following April's Supergirl #20 that was believed to be the final issue of the series. Supergirl joins Super Sons, another previously canceled title brought risen from the grave. Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire will be the new creative team beginning with August's Supergirl #21, which sees the titular Girl of Steel into space to learn more about Rogol Zaar, the new villain of "The Great One" Brian Bendis's upcoming Superman run.

In an interview with Syfy Wire, Andreyko explains:

This Supergirl book spins directly out of the events in Man of Steel, so the books are very complementary to each other. I'm following Brian's lead and he's got a lot of epic stuff planned for Superman. And while the books are complementary to each other, you don't have to read both to enjoy them, but if you do, you'll enjoy the story more. The first year of the book is definitely tied into things that are revealed during the Man of Steel miniseries.

The baseline story is very big. She's trying to learn why he does what he does, where he comes from, and if there's anyone else involved with him. It's a detective story in space. She's looking for answers to the questions that have been raised by Rogol Zaar. There will be familiar faces, some new faces, all sorts of challenges facing her, and also some potentially new supporting characters who will hopefully be well-received and stick around for awhile.

Additionally, Supergirl will get four new costumes during the event, designed by previous Supergirl artist Jorge Jimenez. They're not permanent, though, according to Andreyko.

The primary one that's on the cover to issue #21, that glorious Terry Dodson cover, is not a permanent new costume. She's traveling in space, so there's a lot of technical stuff she has to adapt to and be concerned about. Having a costume that can adapt to different environments and planets that might not have access to a yellow sun is important. It's part of her arsenal now, but it's not a permanent costume change. It's a 'what suit is most effective for where she is and what she has to do' costume. It's a practical costume, and the details around it will be revealed in the first few issues.

Below, see the covers to Supergirl #21 and #22, as well as the costume designs by Jorge Jimenez.

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