Meet The New Lex Not The Same As The Old Lex

In chapter 13 of Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse we get introduced to a new version of an old familiar villain. Gaslamp Lex Luthor is a genius inventor who wants to do good but for his own self-interest.

So how did this character come about and join the team? Dan Abnett said in a character spotlight:

I wanted to include a 'villain' on the team simply to reinforce the idea that Infinite Crisis combines heroes and villains, and forges odd alliances because of the common threat. I chose Lex in when I saw the character design, and Jim [Chadwick] was all for it. Freddie [Williams III] then developed his look further. The character, the manners, the Victorian inventor, grew from that, and I realized how much I liked him, and how interesting he could be. I think he should have his own series.

VicLex1Jim Chadwick was asked what makes this Luthor different:

First, there's his speech pattern. Dan's done a terrific job of setting him squarely in the Victorian-based Gaslight world and this sets him apart from any other incarnation of Luthor we've ever seen, creating a wholly unique character. I also like his ambiguity. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? We still don't know. He's very unctuous in how he addresses all the other characters, but you get the impression that this might be him feigning being humble. There have been enough glimpses that he's really a bit of a badass, in spite of his deferential manner. He fights these universe-threatening menaces right alongside the super powered characters, using only his intellect and his steampunk technology and he never flinches.

VicLex2So what does Abnett have in store for this new version of Lex?

He has a major role in this story arc, and it will answer the question… is he a hero or a villain? Then again, is he just a very ruthless genius who wants to take control of the world? There are a few of those about, and none are more capable than Alexander.

[Source: DC Comics]

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