Mystique – Death And A Fate Worse Than That (Avengers/X-Men Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of Immoral X-Men #2 and Avengers Forever #15 and neither go well for Mystique, Raven Darkholme.

Today sees the publication of Immoral X-Men #2 showing a Mister Sinister version of events in a hundred years time, and the final issue of Avengers Forever #15, showing a Multiversal Masters of Evil from down the probability axis. And neither go well for Mystique, Raven Darkholme, mother of Nightcrawler and wife of Destiny. Spoilers of course, because…

Mystique - Death And A Fate Worse Than Death

…in Avengers Forever it is revealed that Mystique is the Dark Phoenix of that particular timeline, even though she wears Destiny's mask and resembled the Kitty Pryde of the Nazi Excalibur timeline. Oh, and also Raven from Teen Titans. Naughty Marvel. What happened to Destiny we don't know. In previous Sins Of Sinister, we learned that Destiny was keeping the Sins Of Sinister timeline going because it was one in which Mystique lived. But in a hundred years time, that may not be the case, as the 120 year old Commander Hope revealed…


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…might Destiny have something new to say about this timeline now? Because in Mystique's timeline from Avengers Forever, it appears that she has moved on to another partner who wears a mask.

Mystique - Death And A Fate Worse Than That (Avenger/X-Men Spoilers)


No kink-shaming now here, okay? Everyone has got a thing… even if Mystique's thing happens to be a human leather-bound disfigured Doctor Doom. Each to their own, I guess. Love is love, or the closest approximation of that, anyway.

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Aaron Kuder
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: PART 9 – THE PENULTIMATE CHAPTER! The greatest battle in the history of the Multiverse is raging, featuring Avengers from throughout time and space, countless different versions of Captain America and Iron Man and the God of Thunder. Yet somehow, it all comes down to one Starbrand and one Ghost Rider, who unfortunately are the only Avengers whose powers don't seem to be working. Rated T+In Shops: Mar 15, 2023 SRP: $3.99

(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Andrea Di Vito (CA) Leinil Yu
PUTTING THE "DIE" IN DIAMOND AGE! Hail the Pax Krakoa! Or perish! But to this hell age is born a hero. Say hello (again) to Rasputin IV…but what can one good chimera do in a universe of sin? The first century of Sinister's plan has come to an end?and whether it's better or worse may depend on the symbol on your forehead. Rated T+In Shops: Mar 15, 2023 SRP: $4.99

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