A New Character Arrives In Archaia's Lantern City: Martha Ellen Grey/Mira Furlan

Most of you have probably heard of Archaia's series Lantern City , recently starting its second arc as written by Matthew Daley and Mairghread Scott, with art by Carlos Magno. The publisher along with Macrocosm Entertainment are excited to reveal a new character in Lantern City, Martha Ellen Grey. Martha, in both the comic book series and upcoming television series in development, is portrayed by Mira Furlan. Furlan is a fan-favorite actress (Babylon 5 and Lost) that brings intelligence and passion to every role, and will make her debut in issue #6 on sale in October.

Martha Ellen Grey is the mother of Killian Grey, the head of the Grey Empire, which is the ruling class of Lantern City. Smart, power-hungry, and fierce, the matriarch will do anything to protect her son and keep him in power.

Furlan shared her feelings on the character by saying:

Martha Grey, an almost Shakespearean character, complex and complicated, impossible to label or categorize. My first thought when I 'met' her was, 'Gertrude, Hamlet's mother.' As with the character of Gertrude, the key to Martha is her intricate, difficult, almost deviant relationship to her equally complex son, Killian. I cannot wait to bite my teeth into this meaty role. It will be a big challenge and a great pleasure, as it always is with truly great roles.

The Lantern City comic series is the newest extension of a larger transmedia universe. Lantern City combines the epic scope of the Star Wars series with the street-level intensity and attention to detail of The Wire. The series blends action, romance, unique sci-fi, and political upheaval in an engaging narrative. Lantern City #6, arrives in comic shops on October 14th.

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