New Orleans' Big Easy Con Suddenly Reschedules From June to November

A new convention coming to New Orleans called Big Easy Con was supposed to happen in three weeks, but on Friday the people putting on the convention scrapped the plan and pushed it back to November.

New Orleans' Big Easy Con Suddenly Reschedules From June to November

Attention Big Easy Con fans and attendees! The show is MOVING to November 1-3, 2019!

We heard your requests! Moving to November, will allow us to connect with more of you, utilize more space in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and add A THIRD DAY—making Big Easy Con bigger and better than ever!

If you bought tickets, autographs, or photo-ops you will be getting an email explaining your options moving forward including refunds if you so choose. If for some reason you do not receive it, contact

If you're PUMPED to attend Big Easy Con in November, get tickets now!

In further commentary they underline that everyone can get refunds if they wish, but those who still choose go to November's show instead will get an upgrade.

Everyone who bought two day tickets or a fast pass automatically has a 3-day ticket now. No extra charge! People with single day tickets can upgrade to a 3-day ticket if they want. If you prefer a refund, you can choose that option too. You no longer want your t-shirt and lanyard that can be refunded, otherwise it will still be shipped to you. You should have received an email with all this information. If you did not, please email and we'll get it to you.

They've been citing "Fan feedback" for the decisions,  but on Facebook 98% of the response to this decision has been rather negative. Such as

Tell that to the artists, vendors, and attendees who had non refundable plane tickets and hotel reservations. Hundreds of dollars gone.


Not cool at all!!! Apparently, no one there even thought about the other events (Saints game) or festivals happening in New Orleans that weekend mainly Voodoo Fest. All the hotels will be double charging. All this is real sketchy. I don't care what celebrities or adding an extra day will bring. IT'S JUST WRONG!


ow, sh-tty much? My friends are now out of over $100 because you decided to change dates less than a MONTH before the con. That is ridiculously unprofessional and unethical, if you wanted to switch the dates switch next years to November when it won't affect travel plans laid out well in advance. This is going to cost people thousands of dollars and your response is "It'll be better we promise!" ? You've just lost the trust and respect of hundreds of people, this is literally the worst business decision I think I've ever seen a con make.

What next, offer everyone an hour in the ball pit?

In further explanations, they say,

our company puts on another couple of conventions that are super great such as Awesome Con and Rose City Comic Con. That's exactly how we know Big Easy Con on June 1st and 2nd was not on a successful trajectory. Both exhibitors and guests alike will have a MUCH better time in November. The decision was difficult and we know it sucks for a lot of people, but we truly believe it's for the best.

If they can be called explanations…

there are many reasons for this change. It doesn't do anything for us or the fans to come to town with a lackluster show. We recognize this is not an ideal situation, but we feel good about the direction the show is moving in from all perspectives.

But the generalties of reasons given don't seem to be satisfying anyone.

I cannot believe this I booked my hotel yesterday for this event $477 on top of buying their fast pass $150 and buying my families tickets 3 weekend passes at $60 my nephew $10 and a photo op $70 so now because you decide to move the event to Nov. I have to eat $877 that is not cool at all. You should have did the convention and moved it next year. I am F-cking Pissed

And neither does the timeline.

The "some people" you are referring to is 98% of the vendors and exhibitors that you just pulled the rug out from. People have been working for months to up their stock for these shows, and have spent non-refundable time and money to get everything ready to help make your con a better experience for the attendees and you just screwed them over. Where was the communication with them MONTHS ago when new dates were probably being discussed? This was a sh-tty way to handle everything. Good luck getting a loyal base after this.

And some vendors and ezhibitors already took advantage of an offer for free shipping from Awesome Con last weekend to Big Easy Con. Mike Isenberg writes,

You have a pallet full of my inventory and convention gear, that I was expecting to receive in New Orleans in a matter of weeks. I have several other cons between now and November, so I absolutely need my property returned to me before the new convention date.

The show responded,

We are shipping the pallets and anything sent to the advance warehouse back to you. No expense to you or anyone else, of course.

Which is good news for those affected. And some hotel fees could also be refundable.

all vendors received an email today with their options listed. Getting a full refund on their booth is definitely one of those options. Hotel rooms in the Big Easy Con room block are also 100% refundable.

But flights? No, that's not going to happen… and for those who are comparing this to Fyre Fest, is it possible that they did thus to avoid a Fyre Fest?


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