NYCC '15: ComiXology Submit Offers A Self-Publishing Alternative

By June Vigants

comiXology_submitComiXology presented a panel covering their ComiXology Sumbit service at New York Comic Con on Saturday. Panelists included Eric Palicki, Hope Nicholson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jody Houser, Joe Glass, John D. Roberts, Natasha Alterici, and was officiated by ComiXology Vice President of Communications and Marketing Chip Mosher.

ComiXology is an Amazon owned company that provides a massive selection of digital comics for download anywhere on almost any device. The format offers reading tools such as "Smart Lists" where the readers can categorize what they've purchased or want to purchase, and "Guided Viewing" which offers a full-screen visual of a comic page panel-by-panel.

To date, ComiXology has released over 2,000 independent titles. ComiXology Submit allows independent creators to self-publish their comics through an online application. Submissions then go through an approval process. After being accepted, approved comics are then transformed into the "Guided Viewing" format for easy-reader access for free. Once the comic is available for sale worldwide through the website, the creator and ComiXology split the profits 50/50. The payment for artists is on a quarterly net-worth basis depending on how many books are sold, and can be delivered to the creators via check or direct deposit. ComiXology holds no rights on the content of the self-published work.

Currently, they are only accepting finished works; be it a one-shot, anthology or continuing series. For writers looking to submit but have no artist, panelists suggested viewing the available comics in the "Submit" gallery for finding potential artistic partners.

There are quite a few advantages to this method of self-publishing. For one, there is much wider distribution online; ComiXology has had submissions and sales from every continent on planet Earth, excluding Antarctica.

Panelists also expressed that self-publishing is extremely liberating, as the creators have complete control over their content.

It should be noted that anyone submitting a comic should check to ensure the resolution of the files is appropriate, as well as the file sizes and fonts. ComiXology is available to work with creators, however, in perfecting the technical aspects of the comic files in the submission. A FAQ is also available on the Submit page as well.

This year, Artist Alley is sponsored by ComiXology Submit and their own table is located between booths B11-B14. Two of the four tables in this space are available for Submit creators to sell their printed works in shifts throughout the weekend.