Obama Recalls Bush And Louisiana In The Other Dead

The Other Dead is an IDW comic about a zombie animal outbreak, that not only featured Dick Cheney being gnawed to death by the deer that he'd shot, but an Obama in response. The second issue out today sadly doesn't feature the gun-totoing Obama that last month's variant cover promised… but we do get a strong sideswipe at George Bush and Hurricane Katrina.


What we need is Kanye West to tell us that the President cares about zombie animals.


Although he's looking a bit like a zombie himself. Or maybe a Klingon. Not sure about that forehead… and of course, not everything goes according to plan.


Come on President! Tote those rifles!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who tonight are hosting a conversation between Trina Robbins and Hannah Berry at 7.30pm. Who tomorrow are launching a Mark Buckingham exhibition tomorrow with a signing at 4pm. And who on Friday will be screening the film Better Things: The Life And Choices Of Jeffrey Catherine Jones at 7pm.


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