24: Live Another Day Gets A Premiere Date, Casts Yvonne Strahovski And Could Open The Door For More Jack Bauer

say jack bauer of 24 fame what time is it It seems like Fox' upcoming limited event series 24: Live Another Day is not the final farewell to the Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) franchise at all, but rather a new door opening up to new possibilities, if we go by what showrunners told critics at Fox's Winter Press Tour today.

THR reports, first of all, that the 12 episode mini has a premiere date: May 5th. It also has itself a new star, Chuck alum Yvonne Strahovski, who will be playing an FBI agent on Bauer's trail when the series opens. But this is not a Homeland scenario, EP Manny Coto reassures:

The dynamic here resembles Carrie and Brody in no way at all. It wasn't that situation. When the show airs, you'll see the dynamic between the CIA and Jack… he's more of a fugitive than anything else.

The story is set 12 years after the original series ended, and bears no resemblance to the once-in-the-works feature film. Well, still-in-the-works might be a more apt description, as Sutherland puts it:

The script for the film is very different. It's an ongoing situation, and there's always an opportunity to do it.

And even a feature film may not be the end of Jack Bauer, if Live Another Day does well:

If this ends up rebooting the show or causing a film to be made, so be it, but we're very happy about these 12 episodes right now.

Sure, Sutherland plays coy and demurs that a reboot could follow another of the many characters in the 24 universe, but come on, how often do spinoffs without the main character work? And he's not saying no to doing more, which basically means he'll probably say yes when the offer comes.

So is this all good news or bad news, 24 fans? When is enough enough?

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