A Brilliant Ten Minute Excerpt From John Carter – And Five Good Reasons Not To Watch It

After a series of oddly, needlessly flat trailers, Disney have finally released some of the really good stuff from John Carter. About time too – it's out this Friday, March 9th.

The new, ten minute excerpt is an extended sequence from very near the beginning of the film. In places it will get you quite close to the sense of fun and excitement that the whole film provides.

But… I can think of several good reasons you should maybe skip it. Before you scroll down and click play on the clip, hear me out.

1. Don't you want to experience the film pure?

If you are going to go and see the film, and I sincerely hope you are, then perhaps you'd prefer to be patient and see these scenes in context? I'm not too frightened of seeing scenes from a film ahead of seeing the whole thing – part of my job, in many ways – but I know that most people don't like it. This long excerpt goes beyond the spoiler potential for a trailer, in many respects, because a whole movement of the film is played out for you.

2. There's no Mars in this sequence

All of these scenes take place before Carter's ass gets sent to Mars. As such, they're not exactly representative of the full movie. This is a specific part of the narrative with its own mood, pace, flavour and style and while it's a crucial part, and an enjoyable part, it does play better when folded into the subsequent sequence.

3. It's a YouTube video

You're not going to get the visual splendour of the film from these clips – and if you're planning on seeing the movie in 3D, that's definitely not an option for this excerpt. Perhaps you can get YouTube on a really big screen where you are, but you certainly won't get the same image resolution, colour accuracy or brilliant surround sound that awaits in cinemas. And aren't you going to be too flappable where you are? Can you really give this clip the full attention it deserves right now?

4. It ends on quite the cliffhanger.

What's going on? What's in the reverse shot? What happens next? Do you really want to tantalise yourself that much?

5. If you delay gratification the moment of relief can be much, much better

How about letting this clip build your anticipation in another way. Just like that time I swore off chocolate for a year and a day, absence can make the pulse grow quicker. By deliberately not watching this clip, you can whip yourself up a little more for the movie, and get yourself to the cinema in the ideal mood next weekend.

What do you reckon? Will you resist? There is some really great stuff in this clip, after all…

So… did you watch it?