American Psycho Sequel Series To Catch Up With Patrick Bateman Today

american psychoWhile the recently-mooted movie sequel appears to have fallen by the wayside, it seems that the universe just wants an American Psycho follow up to come into being.

The latest project to benefit from this cosmic bias is a TV series in development at FX. The premise, say Deadline, sees the titular loopy-loo Patrick Bateman as a 50-something, living in the modern day, and taking on a protegee as some kind of "social experiment."

It's a sequel, but it's not clear if it's a sequel to Mary Harron's movie, Bret Easton Ellis' novel or both.

Now, at risk of completely spoiling the original novel and movie adaptation, I believe the implication was that Patrick Bateman may well have imagined all of his murderous misdemeanours. This new show doesn't have to ditch that idea – indeed, perhaps we're looking at a story of an impotent psychopath living out his desires vicariously.

I'd like to see that show.

The new series – which may or may not have anything to do with the notion I just proposed, and may or may not share the original's satirical intentions – is to be written by Stefan Jaworski. He's an alum of the Nordic noir explosion, having co-created the Danish crime series Those Who Kill. I'm interested in this chap, and his move from Europe to American Psycho. What's his story?