AUDIO: Geeking Out On Local Radio With Bleeding Cool's Own

AUDIO: Geeking Out On Local Radio With Bleeding Cool's OwnOne of my other jobs* sees me do weekly movie review round ups for a couple of radio stations here in Oxford.

On Sunday mornings, somewhere in the run up to 10am, you can hear me on Jack FM's Sunday Roast; while on Friday mornings, shortly after 8am, you can hear me on Glide FM's Morning Glory.

That show is hosted by Sophie Bruce, who you can see in this post because, frankly, nobody wanted me to just post another image of myself. And before you ask, no, I don't know what she's doing in that photo. I first assumed it was a Popeye impression, but apparently not.

Sophie has cut a couple of trails for the show, and my slot on it, and they feature me in a slightly geeky mood. Here's the first one, which is called "Depp":


The second (and this should surprise nobody) is called "Gilliam".


I've got a tendency to hold back the geek, for Sophie's benefit. Nonetheless, my dialled-down setting seems to be twice as nerdy as she's used to. The temptation to release my full inner spod is strong, however, and growing, week by week…

And as if my fellow Oxonians could possibly need any more incentive to listen, let it be know that during my slot on the Friday morning, Sophie gives away generous wodges of tickets to the local Odeon cinemas.