Battle Angel Movie Is Still Coming Says Producer Jon Landau

Just this a few hours ago I said that James Cameron's plans for Avatar prequels as well as sequels might be bad news for anybody waiting on his Battle Angel movie.

Well, for now at least, Cameron's producing partner Jon Landau doesn't seem to agree.

Here's a quote from MovieZine (via Collider):

I am sure you will get to see Battle Angel. It is one of my favorite stories, a great story about a young woman's journey to self-discovery. It is a film that begs the question: "What does it mean to be human? '. Are you human if you have a heart, a brain or a soul? I look forward to giving the audience the film.

Now, Landau is not dating this. There's no time frame anywhere in any of Landau's quotes. Still, MovieZine and Collider have both put 2017 in their headlines, and Collider even say "Landau commented on the possibility of seeing Battle Angel in screen by 2017" when, really, he was just talking about it ending up on screen one day, somehow.

I guess this 2017 element is good for traffic? Dunno. Doesn't seem to be based on anything factual.

What's interesting, though, is that Landau thinks the film is still on the To Do list. It's encouraging.

Of course, if we're going by the letter of what he says, it's worth noting that nowhere here does he say Cameron will direct himself… and Cameron has previously said he's going into full-Avatar mode now…

Could Battle Angel end up with a new director?

Well, probably not. It's a notion, though. And there's just as much behind that idea as there is in saying we'll be seeing the film "by 2017" – if not more.