Video: Behind The Scenes Of The Agents Of SHIELD Score With Composer Bear McCreary

Much loved, and it's easy to both see and hear why, Bear McCreary is TV's superstar composer. In this video profile of the Agents of SHIELD score, McCreary reveals, amongst other things, that no corners have been cut, the music will buckle swashes and it all started with a theme for Agent Coulson.

And do keep watching to the very end.


This is a theme-driven score, striving to strike hard and be memorable, and I think it's to McCreary's credit that I could take a shot at whistling a bar or two even though I haven't seen the show in almost a month.

American viewers will be able to see Agents of SHIELD at 8pm tonight. Here in the UK, the series kicks off on Channel 4, 8pm on Friday.