Blakes 7 Reboot On The Cards, With James Bond's Two-Time Hero At The Helm

Martin Campbell was the director two James Bond pictures, and each of them was a much-needed shot in the arm for the franchise. Goldeneye certainly got the Pierce Brosnan run off to a great start, and I'd argue that Casino Royale was the best of all Bond films, full stop.

So perhaps he can bring back another British classic with the same degree of success?

Deadline are naming Campbell as one of the two key players behind a new Blakes 7 do-over, alongside writer Joe Pokaski.

Blakes 7 was originally created by Terry Nation, also the man who dreamt up the Daleks for Doctor Who. It was a pretty big hit right from the off, and for a show that commanded such strong ratings, it went into some brave and unexpected places. The main characters were a bunch of outcasts, some of them convicts, who banded together to take on the evil Terran Federation. It's kind of Dirty Dozen stuff.

And I won't spoil the finale here, but it was memorable stuff, love it or hate it. Any remake would be expected to be driving towards something equally powerful.

I'd be interested to see what Campbell and Pokaski can come up with. If nothing else, they'll have a lot more resources at their disposal than the BBC could afford in the late 70s. Check out these samples, which also showcase the character of Avon and his wonderful way with insults.