Bleeding Cool Wins At The Eagle Awards… But We Definitely Won't Be Winning One Next Year

Here's a picture of Bleeding Cool's brand new Eagle Award. It's quite nice and it's certainly nice to have it. Thanks, people who voted.

Bleeding Cool Wins At The Eagle Awards… But We Definitely Won't Be Winning One Next Year

Rich is in Phoenix, dishing out the gongs rather than receiving them, so here's the acceptance speech he gave me to read out on his behalf.

I've been writing about comics online for twenty years now. This is the first proper award I've had for it. I look forward to another in another twenty years time.

I'd like to thank William Christensen at Avatar Press who saw an opportunity and has paid out a lot of cheques, to Mark Seifert for supporting the site and keeping it up, to Jim Kuhoric for amending the worst of my typos, to Brendon Connelly for giving me a modicum of respectability, to my wife Janice for putting up with the long hours and demands of a 24 hour news cycle. Oh, and ad agency Radioille for firing me from my last job which forced me to do this.

I'd like to thank the likes of Steve Wacker, Dan DiDio, Rob Liefeld, Rob Granito, Paul Levitz, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, Isaac Perlmutter, Diane Nelson, Alan Moore, John Byrne, Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, Brian Bendis, Dan Slott, Scott Lobdell and Josh Hoopes for constantly giving me so much to write about over the years.

As I pointed out, the reason he's finally won an award is that now he has me on the team. Obviously.

But I can promise you this, we won't be winning an Eagle next year. I know this because the show closed with MCM's Brian Cooney taking to the stage and telling us that this was the end of the road for the Eagle Awards after 30-some years and from next May, there'd be something called The MCM Awards instead. I was certainly shocked, but I was also thinking "I wonder if Rich already knew about this?"

What exactly will the MCM Awards be? Will they ever attain the value and respect that had been earned by The Eagles? How can we fix it so we win one of these new prizes too? All of this remains to be seen.

For now, Rich and I have some polishing to do and a timeshare agreement to work out.

Rich adds;

Tonight, at 6pm in room 132BC at the Phoenix Comic Con, it's the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards.

Meanwhile, in London, Bleeding Cool has just won an Eagle Award.

Set up in 2008 by William Christensen of Avatar Press, who hired comics industry gossip columnist Rich Johnston to found this home for news, reviews, comment and comic book rabble rousing, the site now also contains some of the film industry's most insightful commentary, breaking news and analysis from Sony Award winner Brendon Connelly and a range of contributors from Warren Ellis, Denny O'Neill, Alex De Campi and Garth Ennis to Grace Randolph, Kate Kotler, Cameron Hatheway, Dr Manolis Vamvounis, Adi Tantimedh, Ryan King, Jesse James and Gavin Lees.
This weekend also saw the Issue Zero launch of Bleeding Cool Magazine at the Phoenix Comic Con, a forty page preview copy of the publication, with a main launch planned for October at New York Comic Con, edited by Jim Kuhoric.
Stories broken by Bleeding Cool include the existence of the Watchmen sequels, the DC reboot, the X-Men relaunch and the still-unconfirmed zero issue renumbering for DC's New 52 books in September. As well as naming and shaming criminal activity in the comics industry and ensuring that many creators have been paid by companies who sought to avoid their debts.
This week saw stories first written about by Bleeding Cool picked up by Fox News, CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, Washington Post, Daily Mail and The Huffington Post as Technorati declared it the most influential blog site in the comics industry (and tenth in film.)
It all seems to have come together at rather a good time. Bleeding Cool would like to thank all its contributors, sources, readers and, yes, even its message board posters. We couldn't have done it without you.

Tony Lee tweets some results;

I WON A BLOODY EAGLE AWARD!!!!! Doctor Who #12 wins best single issue!

20th Century boys Wins Fave Manga. Dylan Dog wins Fave European comic. Freakangels win Fave web comic.

DWM Wins best British comic – colour! Viz Wins Best British comic – B/W. batman wins fave New Comic.

Karen Berger Best Editor. DC wins Best Publisher. Batman wins best US comic – colour. Walking Dead wins Best US comic – B/W

Alex Ross wins Best Artist painted. Dave Stewart wins Best Colourist. Rich Starkings Best Letterer.

Frank Miller wins best Writer / Artist. J H Williams best Artist Pencils. Scott Williams Best artist inks

Jeff Lemier wins Best New Writer. Francesco Francavilla wins Best New Artist. Scott Snyder wins Best Writer.