Bob Hoskins Has Died, Age 71

bob hoskins roger rabbit

The BBC are reporting that Bob Hoskins has died at the age of 71 after suffering from pneumonia.

Hoskins first full-sized impact will have been in The Long Good Friday, a film that truthfully owes its reputation and success to his incredible central performance. He went on to show his versatility with similarly accomplished turns in Mona Lisa, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and many more.

For a full survey of Hoskins' skills you'd have to watch his entire resume but I recommend the three named above, Brazil, Felicia's Journey, Mrs. Henderson Presents and Nixon as a wide-ranging sample.

Hoskins' last role was in Snow White and the Huntsman, where he blended brilliantly into the ensemble of extremely well-cast dwarfs.

He retired from public life in 2012 after a diagnosis of Parkinsons. We never stopped pressing play on his films, however. And I don't suppose we ever will.

Here he is, in a vintage interview, discussing Who Framed Roger Rabbit and what it took to act opposite a cartoon character.


Thanks Bob, and good bye.