Boston Coverage Dominates Friday, Suburgatory Falls For Its Finale – The Week In TV Ratings

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As viewers watched in horror on Monday to Friday, the Boston bombings were, and still are, always the bigger story told in television over the past week.

On Monday, a struggle between primetime frivolity and makeshift news programming became apparent, as NBC preempted an episode of Revolution – featuring a bomb, in fact – for a Terror In Boston special. The special, airing as a lead-out for The Voice, scored a 3.1 while The Voice got a 5.1.

Scoring a higher rating than the latest Revolution, NBC's motives for airing a special may be somewhat questionable – banking in or a national tragedy or paying respects and performing a public service?

Meanwhile, How I Met Your Mother hit a 2.7, Rules of Engagement did a 2.1, 2 Broke Girls won a 2.4 and Mike & Molly did 2.2 on CBS. FOX performed average, with 1.9 for Bones and a series low 2.1 for The Following.

The CW dealt with the proceedings by airing the season premiere of musical chairs reality show Oh Sit! and 90210, doing a 0.4 and 0.2, respectively.

Tuesday was a night of white-noise, with events such as: NBC using its one solidly rated show The Voice to prop up dating show Ready For Love. The Voice scored a great 4.4, while Ready For Love got a 1.3… NBC swiftly cancelled Ready For Love.

Golden Boy scored a 1.5 on CBS, while Hart of Dixie on The CW did the same. Body of Proof over on ABC scored lower at a 1.4.

Suburgatory's two-part finale on Wednesday didn't bring it like many would have hoped, as the low-rated comedy garnered a 1.5 and 1.7 over the course of the 8PM hour. Rising slightly to a 2.0, a Modern Family repeat scored a 2.0, which is only interesting because lead-out How To Live With Your Parents also scored a 2.0, proving that ABC may actually have something.

The rest of the Wednesday night was repeats.

On Thursday, Community grew to 1.3, a nice rebound after free falling for a while. Parks And Recreation rose to a 1.7 for airing over the course of an hour. At 10PM, Hannibal scored a 1.4, lower than its first two weeks, but its not signs of a write-off just yet. If the show stays around this mark, a renewal should logically be in the bags.

Glee, fresh off its two-year renewal, sung up a 2.2. Over on The CW, The Vampire Diaries scored a 0.9 and Beauty And The Beast continues to do its dedicated 0.6.

Friday, with all that was going on, ratings are not concrete enough to make any solid judgements. Some affiliates aired news, some aired shows, while most networks as a whole preempted anything new that was meant to be airing, other than Nikita on The CW and Grimm on NBC. I'm not going to note down any potential ratings, as they are useless and likely far off actuals. However, it's clear to say that NBC seemed to win the night overall, with substantially bigger numbers than any of the other nets.

On Saturday, there seems to be a little competition going on between two dead shows, as CBS aired a special episode of Vegas, winning a 0.5 against a 0.4 Smash on NBC.

Once Upon A Time on Sunday continues to live a life of unbalance, with the magical drama coming back to a 2.1 after a few weeks off. Animation Domination on FOX was mostly in repeats, with only new episodes of the now-cancelled The Cleveland Show at 0.9, Bob's Burgers at 1.7 and American Dad at 1.8.

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