Brian K. Vaughan Writing TV Version Of Stephen King's Under The Dome

Brian K. Vaughan Writing TV Version Of Stephen King's Under The Dome

For those of you who haven't read Stephen King's novel Under The Dome, it's essentially The Simpsons Movie crossed with Lord of the Flies and topped off with a rubbish ending.

That's not entirely fair. First of all, the Dome in King's novel was not put there by EPA (though that would have been vastly preferable to the actual explanation we get). It just pops up one day in a cheerily violent manner, chopping in half a squirrel who was unfortunate enough to be "straddling the fence" as it were, and starting a chain of insanity within the town's inhabitants who have nothing to do now that they can't get good TV reception.

It's certainly one of Stephen King's more interesting books of recent years, mainly because there's a nice slow exposition of the nature of the Dome and the effect that it has on the climate within. It's a character study of about five thousand different characters, which is good because it means that every time one of them gets killed off there's always another one to take their place.

Deadline has reported that Brian K. Vaughan, comic book author and writer on TV series Lost, has been chosen to adapt the book for a Showtime drama series.

It could work, I'm sure it could, if only because there's enough content in the book for about 1000 episodes. I'm currently using my copy as a paperweight made of paper, because I'm meta like that.

Here is the official book trailer.

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