Bridesmaids 2 Seems Even Less Likely As The First Film's Alumni Line Up New Gigs

It was looking like Universal's contingency plan for a Bridesmaids 2 was coming in to play now that Kristen Wiig had made it pretty clear she didn't want to return for a do-over. The studio's new idea was to focus the story on Melissa McCarthy's character.

But here's what McCarthy had to say about such a project:

God, I wouldn't want to. I would never want to. I think it's a terrible idea.

Back to the drawing board, Uni.

McCarthy has her own ideas about what she wants to do next. She's written herself a starring vehicle, Tammy. Late last year it looked like Tate Taylor, director of The Help, was going to sign on, but that didn't happen. Now the vacancy has been filled by Beth McCarthy-Miller. No relation.

McCarthy and McCarthy Miller have worked together previously, on Samantha Who?, a sitcom with Christina Applegate as an amnesiac that ran on ABC a few years back.

Later on down the way, McCarthy is planning to reunite with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig on another romcom which will see her character married to a chap played, if all goes to plan, by Jon Hamm. Until then, Feig also has a new project on the go.

The Better Woman has been written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of The Gilmore Girls… a show that featured Melissa McCarthy. It's a small world, that there Hollywoodland.

Feig has opted for The Better Woman over that a third diary full of Bridget Jones and, of course, that acursed Bridesmaids sequel that Universal won't let lie.

Variety say that Reese Witherspoon was considering a role in the film, but she's now moved on. I wonder if Kristen Wiig could be tempted?

And so it goes, around and around and around, circles within circles.