Bryan Hitch Teases Creator Owned Comic For 2012

Bryan Hitch Teases Creator Owned Comic For 2012

Talking about the influences from his work on Ultimates in the Thor movie, Bryan Hitch pointed out on Millarworld;

These are real treats for sure but like Mark says, the real pay-day is your own stuff, like Wanted, Kick-Ass and Nemesis. So next summer when Ulti… er… Avengers is making a billion dollars it will be beyond cool to be there as a fan seeing our little Marvel book brought to life but the coolest thing will be that you'll also already know about what I'm doing right now.

I learned to tease from Mighty Mark…

I think we can take from that, that Bryan Hitch will be working on a creator-owned book, published in the summer 2012, right?

Could it be the Millar and Hitch book Olympus, originally planned for 2010? Or something new?

(Photo by Derek Bremner)

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