Bryce Dallas Howard Getting Set For A Trip To Jurassic World

bryce dallas howardThough there's no real information about what kind role she might play, The Wrap are reporting that Bryce Dallas Howard has started contract negotiations for a role in Jurassic World, the upcoming fourth Jurassic Park film.

We haven't seen so much of Howard lately – her last three films were the final Twilight, 50/50 and The Help – but I'm a fan. Not every film she's chosen has been as provocative as The Village or Manderlay, but she's clearly no dummy and she's got a rather light, fresh acting style much of the time.

Rumours persist that Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World will be set in a rebranded and fully open Jurassic theme park. The other name we've heard associated with the film is John Krasinski, but that wasn't from anything like as stable a source as The Wrap.

Production on the film is set to finally get underway next year for release in June 2015.