Captain America's Movie Shield Fetches $20,100 At Auction

I love eBay's suggestion algorhythm, giving up ideas on "More chances to get what you want." I just visited the page for a closed auction of a Captain America shield as used in last year's First Avenger film and, being too late, found that eBay wanted to make it up to me by pointing the way to various pins, only one of which even looks like the shield, and framed poster for the movie and… a bit of card.

Hardly second-place replacements.

What they should have offered was a screen-used Hulk tranquiliser dart. Duh.

You know, I'd never have been able to afford Cap's shield anyway, even if it was still on the block. It finally went for $20,100 and according to What Sells Best, this made it one of eBay's top ten collectibles for March.

A lot of money, but then it is made out of vibranium and that stuff's suuuuper rare. Right?

Don't forget that there's a big, big auction of genuine Marvel movie props at C2E2 this weekend… but more on those tomorrow.