Cary Fukunaga To Direct Sci-Fi Thriller Spaceless

After Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre, it was anybody's bet what Cary Fukunaga would do next. You would have been smart to follow a tip from screenwriter Jeff Vintar, however, when he revealed on Twitter that Fukunaga was chasing a deal to finally bring his sci-fi script Spaceless to the screen.

The long-hot concept has been in the works for many years now. Sounding not unlike Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, in some respects, the Spaceless screenplay revolves around an assassin in space who wakes up to find himself tumbling through the starry vacuum with nothing but his in-suit computer to keep him company. There's nothing left for him to do but to hang out there, floating in the void, waiting to die. There's a twist, though, and not everything is necessarily how it seems…

The Hollywood Reporter actually spoil a big plot reveal in their news story on the film. I say don't click over.

Half of you just clicked over, didn't you? Tsk.

Fukunaga is, frankly, a really great director, and the lead role in this film is a nice meaty one. Whoever gets cast is very lucky indeed. I hope that Gore Verbinski's involvement as producer will help ease the film's way to the screen because, honestly, I can't wait to see it.

Thanks to The Playlist for their heads up on the Vintar tweet.

Now – go watch Sin Nombre.