Casting Roundup: Russell Crowe Is A Father, Chris Pine Is A Boss, Jurassic World Invites A New Kid In


Jurassic World casts its first inevitable kid actor, Dwayne Johnson takes on earthquakes, Chris Pine is a Boss, Russell Crowe is a Father and more in today's roundup.

Jurassic World has found its first miniature would-be dinosaur fodder in Iron Man 3 scene-stealer Ty Simpkins. He joins Bryce Dallas Howard in the Colin Trevorrow film which is rumored to take place at a fully functioning park. New Girl sitcom star Jake Johnson is now also rumored to be in the mix for one of the lead roles. But I can kinda see him being eaten, can't you? [Deadline]

• He's conquered fast cars, "wrestlers," G.I. Joes, Greek gods and now Dwayne Johnson will take on earthquakes, that always-lurking villain that Californians are all too familiar with. In San Andreas – so named for that big old fault line that's pretty much guaranteed to destroy our state one day – he'll play a helicopter pilot who must journey across dangerous post-quake lands in order to rescue his daughter. [Variety]

Chris Pine was rumored to be on the studio's wishlist to play a horrible boss in Horrible Bosses 2, and now it's confirmed. Too bad Christoph Waltz won't play his equally horrible dad. Maybe he's tired of the villains schitck once and for all. [Variety]

Russell Crowe will play a father in generational drama Fathers & Daughters, in the part of the film that takes place in the 1980s when he's battling mental illness and also trying to be a dad to a 5 year old girl. The story also cuts to the girl as a 30 year old in modern Manhattan, with her own demons to fight. [Deadline]

• Inspirational sports drama MacFarland has added Homeland actress Morgan Saylor to play Kevin Costner's teenage daughter. Together with mom Maria Bello, the family moves to MacFarland, California, where dad takes a job as a track coach and puts together a team from the pool of poor and predominantly Mexican-American students. [Deadline]

John Corbett is on board new Blumhouse thriller The Boy Next Door, as the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez's character. She begins an affair with the teenager next door and it goes very, very wrong. A cautionary tale for the age. [Deadline]

Susan Sarandon joins the ever-growing list of movie stars headed for TV, signing on to topline a new NBC series with her daughter Eva Amurri Martino. Martino has the lead role in Growing Ivy, playing a Type-A career-driven woman who's sacrificed a personal life for her work. In order to find more balance, she invites her mom, obviously her exact opposite, to move in with her to work on their relationship. [Deadline]

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