Casting Roundup: Christoph Waltz Wants To Be A Horrible Boss After All, Plus Warcraft, Will Smith And More

willsmith He was out but now Christoph Waltz is back in for Horrible Bosses 2, Will Smith is selling time for a do-over, James Franco returns to Palo Alto and more in today's roundup.

Christoph Waltz will be a horrible boss after all, now closing a deal to star in Horrible Bosses 2 after initially passing due to scheduling conflicts. He'll play dad to Chris Pine, who is also a horrible boss, and Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day will return to be the tortured lowly employees who seek revenge. [Variety]

Will Smith is attached to star in supernatural thriller Selling Time. There's no director yet so this is in the early stages, but Smith will play a man who is given the chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for 7 years off his life expectancy. I assume he's going to try to change what happened and isn't just a masochist with a death wish. [The Wrap]

James Franco has enlisted Thomas Mann and newcomer Sam Dillon for his next film, Memoria, another coming of age drama set in the Northern California suburb of Palo Alto and another film adapted from Franco's book of short stories also named after the two. Either Mannor Dillon plays the lead of Ivan, an outcast skateboarder in his conservative community who's pining for a girl and fighting with his best friend. Why is growing up so hard, and why is James Franco so obsessed with Palo Alto? [The Wrap]

Sons of Anarchy star Robin Weigert has joined Tobey Maguire in Pawn Sacrifice, the chess biopic that follows Bobby Fisher and his arch-nemesis Boris Spassky (Liev Schrieber) as they embark upon the "Match of the Century." Lily Rabe and Peter Sarsgaard also star. [THR]

Duncan Jones continues casting up his Warcraft movie, and Australian actor Travis Fimmel, who is currently on Vikings on the History Channel, will be offered one of the four lead roles. Paula Patton has another, so that's two down, two to go. And here's every we know about the movie so far. [Variety]

Reese Witherspoon is out and Rachel McAdams is in for sci-fi drama Passengers opposite Keanu Reeves. On a space shuttle transporting thousands of Earthlings to a distant alien planet, Reeves' sleep chamber malfunctions and wakes him up 90 years before he was supposed to. Rather than accept a fate of living and dying alone, he wakes up McAdams' character to be his companion. Man, what a dick. [Deadline]

• Blumhouse horror The Boy Next Door has finally found itself a boy next door. Step Up Revolution dancer/actor Ryan Guzman will star opposite Jennifer Lopez in the Fatal Attraction-esque thriller about a divorcee who strikes up an affair with the teenage boy next door only for things to go really wrong when she tries to end it. [THR]

50 Shades of Grey continues to exist for some reason, and casting marches on after Jamie Dornan stepped in to pick up the part Charlie Hunnam didn't want (dude, take a hint). Luke Grimes, who's on True Blood now, will play Elliot, the fanfiction version of Emmett Cullen, Edward/Christian's brawny adopted brother. [Variety]

• Here's some actors you've never heard of getting ready to star in a movie whose plot is being kept completely under wraps. So what's the draw here? Anyway, John Robinson, Jon Abrahams and Lorraine Nicholson will star in Room 105, described as an indie thriller. Patrick Mulvihill wrote it and will direct it. [The Wrap]

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