Casting Roundup: Chloe Moretz, Christoph Waltz, Chris Pine And More

moretz Chloe Moretz lands on her next film, some new Horrible Bosses are sought, Fargo casts some more in today's roundup.

Chloe Moretz has lined up her next project, a teen-driven murder mystery called November Criminals to be directed by Hicthcock's Sacha Gervasi. Moretz will aid a as-yet-uncast best guy friend in solving the mystery of a classmate's murder. [The Warp]

• That thriller Survivor I told you about a couple of days ago starring Milla Jojovich, Pierce Brosnan, Angela Bassett and Emma Thompson has now added Dylan McDermott in a lead role. Jojovich plays a wrongly accused State employee who must thwart a terrorist plot and McDermott will play her boss and boyfriend. [Deadline]

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are looking for some new Horrible Bosses to conspire against for the comedy sequel. Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine had been courted to play a father-son nightmare duo, but it looks like Waltz is out, while Pine might still be interested. [Deadline]

• The FX Fargo miniseries set to star Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks and Martin Freeman has added three new co-stars: Kate Walsh, Joey King and Josh Close. The 10-episode mini will be executive produced by the Coens and is inspired by their 96 Oscar winner, though it will tell a new story. [Deadline]

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