Casting Roundup: Damon Goes Interstellar, Giamatti Heads For The Small Screen

damon • Not to be outdone by best friend Ben Affleck (or as he'll officially be known from now on: Batfleck), Matt Damon has two exciting developments: He's joining Christopher Nolan's already impressively cast Interstellar (with Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and many, many others), and he's gearing up to direct his first movie, The Foreigner. Interstellar is about a scientist crew who go through a wormhole and there's at least one more role, a younger version of McConaughey's character, still left to be cast. Better hurry, as filming has been underway for a few weeks now. [The Wrap]

Vincent Cassel has been set as the lead of indie thriller Partisan, playing a charismatic and dangerous cult leader. Oscar Isaac had been cast back in March, but it's unclear if Cassel replacing him or joining him. Filming under the direction of Ariel Kleiman begins in October in Australia. [Screen Daily]

• UK thriller Kickback has attached Tom Sizemore and Sean Young along with John Cusack, Mischa Barton and Sean Astin. So… yeah. This one – about a Russian detective investigating a young war journalist's murder – seems like it has an uphill battle ahead of it. [Screen Daily]

Paul Giamatti is the latest movie star headed for television, signing on for the lead role in F/X drama pilot Hoke, playing the titular character of Hoke Moseley, a "hard-boiled and possibly insane" homicide detective in Miami in the 1980s, based on the character created by Charles Willeford. The character has appeared on screen before, as played by Fred Ward in 1990's Miami Blues. [The Wrap]

• Former Friends star Lisa Kudrow is joining the cast of ABC's Kerry Washington-led Scandal, which seems perfect because for some reason I imagine there's a great deal of crossover audience there. [Deadline]

Game of Thrones is still expanding its ever-growing universe, with Nashville's Michiel Huisman joining season 4 in a secret role. This is sad news for me since it means goodbye to Huisman's hunky country music producer Liam on the ABC musical drama. Goodbye, hunky Liam. Good luck in Westeros. [TV Line]

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